FlyLife is the only magazine in Australia and New Zealand dedicated exclusively to fly fishing, an activity that continues to attract new participants. It has been the benchmark in fishing publications for 20 years. Launched in 1995 and published independently, FlyLife continues to receive worldwide acclaim for presentation, photography and editorial integrity, its quality is unrivalled in the fishing and outdoor category. Advertising in FlyLife offers a cost effective way to target a valuable and discerning audience across a range of integrated platforms.


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Integrated Media Packages

Reach and Effectiveness

  • 98% of readers rate FlyLife as better than any other fishing or outdoor publication
  • 45% of FlyLife readers do not read any other fishing or outdoors publication
  • 89% of readers say FlyLife has a good balance of advertising content
  • 82% of readers confirm advertisements and reviews in FlyLife are useful in making purchase decisions

FlyLife is passionate about the power and effectiveness of an integrated media strategy. To support your integrated marketing, FlyLife offers combined magazine and digital advertising packages, working closely with advertisers to maximise opportunities, ensuring you leverage the benefits of each medium to its full capacity. FlyLife offers highly competitive rates for integrated packages with volume discounts available.

FlyLife Magazine

Published quarterly, FlyLife is a 100-page, full colour, glossy publication which is sold by subscription, through specialist fly fishing outlets and newsagents across Australia & New Zealand. FlyLife focuses on editorial topics including travel destinations, fresh and salt water fly fishing, techniques, reviews and detailed story telling. FlyLife’s insistence on the highest standards has been recognised with a Gold Medal at the National Print Awards. A highly collectable niche publication, its popularity has seen collectors pay premium prices for out-of-print back issues. FlyLife’s collectability and value as an ongoing reference resource ensures long term advertising benefits beyond the newsagent shelf life of each edition.

Digital Magazine

FlyLife Digital Magazine drives your advertising further onto tablets and mobile devices. Available directly through popular app stores and digital newsstands the digital magazine increases reach and engagement with the benefits of interactive links, additional imagery and embedded video. FlyLife Magazine’s digital readership is growing rapidly, and is most commonly subscribed to in conjunction with the print magazine.

Digital Advertising

FlyLife provides a range of digital advertising and media options, carefully crafted to offer our advertisers increased reach, exposure and engagement with our dedicated fly fishing audience. FlyLife boasts the most credible, comprehensive and highly respected fly fishing website in Australia and New Zealand, used consistently as an authoritive resource.

Featured fly fishing

FlyLife’s digital channels and platforms include a content driven website, online articles, tips, videos, travel information and forums. FlyLife further promotes content and reach via a rapidly growing Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Vimeo audience. FlyLife actively promotes new content and engages the reader in an immersive, topical and relevant experience. The advertising and promotional opportunities are developed to connect seamlessly with this experience as an extension of the overall FlyLife editorial experience across all media.


FlyLife’s display advertising offers the opportunity for placement of IAB standard display ad formats throughout the FlyLife website. Advertisers are able to maximise their brand and product exposure while generating strong referral traffic to their own website through direct hyperlinks.

Native Content Marketing

FlyLife’s Native Content Marketing matches the style and function of FlyLife’s own editorial content on the website. Video and articles, with images and text, are presented to the audience ‘in-feed’ along with editorial content, providing a natural and engaging experience for readers. This format is intended for advertisers who are looking for a sustainable and sophisticated form of engagement with their target audience, providing the opportunity for brand establishment and product recognition through entertainment.

Sponsor Promotion

FlyLife’s Sponsor Promotion provide the opportunity to actively promote new products and experiences to the FlyLife audience. Similar to Native Advertising, both video and articles are supported and are presented to the audience ‘in-feed’ along with editorial content, with a strong focus on promotion, education and call to action. Promotions may include new products, destination profiles and brand development.

FlyLife Forum

With over 9,000 active members and 43,000 posts, the FlyLife Forum provides a realtime platform to engage readers, announce new products, promote special offers and stimulate discussion and awareness. Display advertising on the forum increases your brand exposure in an environment where readers spend a significantly higher portion of their time per session. Members regularly use the forum to research product and travel information from both current and historical forum threads.

Travel Guide

The FlyLife Travel Guide is used as a resource by fly fisherman every year to research and plan their next fly fishing adventure. The Travel Guide features travel destinations, guides, agents, flyschools, lodges, accommodation and charter boats, listed by region. Regular advertisers report that FlyLife is the only magazine they advertise in as they continue to see consistent results and value in the enquiries and bookings generated.

On FlyLife’s digital platforms, advertisers are also published in FlyLife’s digital magazine and also receive a complementry directory listing on the FlyLife website. FlyLife is in important research tool for people researching fly fishing trips online and this exposure forms an important part of the research and decision cycle on where and who to go with for the next trip. FlyLife’s Premium Travel and Guiding Profiles extend the reach and depth of exposure on the FlyLife website. Particularly early in their research, our website analytics show that consumers spend a significant amount of time on the FlyLife website researching potential options. Premium Travel and Guiding Profiles are designed to focus this attention and encourage consumers to seek out further information directly from our advertisers websites or through direct enquiry, ultimately increasing bookings.

Real Estate

FlyLife has been advertising properties succesfully since the magazine was launched in 1995. Agents and private vendors have taken advantage of targeting FlyLife’s unique and affluent audience, presenting properties that lend themselves to a fly fishing lifestyle and associated locations. Listings include holiday properties, retirement destinations, waterside developments, relevant businesses and fishing shacks. FlyLife provides magazine advertising and Premium Real Estate Profiles online, to maximise the reach and exposure of your marketing campaign. FlyLife’s unique offering places properties in front of an engaged audience that is well positioned to act on the right lifestyle opportunities. Advertising rates and discounts are listed below and we encourage agents or private vendors to contact us directly to discuss specific campaigns that maximise the exposure of your unique property.