GT – A Flyfisher’s Guide to Giant Trevally


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Catching a giant trevally (or ‘GT’) on a fly rod is the pinnacle of flats fishing: highly challenging, requiring skill, preparation and courage. This is the first comprehensive guide to giant trevally fishing on the fly.

The giant trevally is an apex predator, and the way it operates is nothing less than brutal. These ‘gangsters of the flats’ are like packs of hoodlums marauding across the atolls and shallow estuaries. Hunting for trevally in the harsh environment they inhabit needs a certain resolve. The flyfisher’s first encounter with a giant trevally will be an electrifying experience. A GT can destroy tackle and ego, leaving all in its wake.

But once you’ve caught one, GT flyfishing is an experience that any angler will want to repeat.

  • How to catch them
  • Tackle and equipment
  • Which flies to use
  • Winning tactics
  • Best destinations – including: Seychelles, Maldives, Mauritius, Australia, South Africa, Oman, Mozambique, Sudan and many more.

Peter McLeod has put together a comprehensive guide book on this almost mythical fly target species. If you are preparing for your next fly fishing trip to the tropics or looking for motivation beyond your local stream trout on dry fly, you will certainly draw knowledge and inspiration from this detailed reference.

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