Fly Fishing In New Zealand – What You Need To Know – Derek Grzelewski


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New Zealand has a reputation of having the best fly-fishing for trout in the world — but also some of the hardest and most challenging. As a professional fly-fishing guide, Derek Grzelewski shares his expert knowledge and decades of experience learnt from some of New Zealand’s best anglers and guides. All the essential skills needed to improve your fly-fishing ability, including:

  • Selecting the right equipment
  • Styles of fly-fishing and the nature of trout
  • Basic, advanced and expert casting techniques
  • Learning to see trout
  • Riverside entomology and what flies to use
  • Where to fish and when
  • Streamcraft and much more

This step-by-step guide will cover everything you need to know to become an expert in the art of fly-fishing!

Derek Grzelewski is the author of The Trout Diaries, The Trout Bohemia, and Trout Dreams. He divides his time between Wanaka and Colorado, USA. He is a regular contributor to high-end magazines including New Zealand Geographic, Australian Geographic, Smithsonian, Flylife and Midcurrent. He is the founder of Wanaka Fly-fishing Academy, and lived in a cabin on the Clutha River. He hosts a highly popular Trout Diaries radio podcast on iTunes and a website for trout enthusiasts from around the world.

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