Issue 93 Spring 2018


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In this issue:

  • THE COMPETITIVE EDGE — Leighton Adem shares a lesson in Euro nymphing
  • FIORDLAND SALT FLY — Nick Reygaert tackles New Zealand’s southern fiords
  • THE YOUTH ACADEMY — Joshua Hutchins, Lucas O’Sullivan & Thomas Cramp join forces
  • RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME — Brendan Turriff enjoys mixed success in Tasmania’s Western Lakes
  • GETTING THE JOB DONE — Craig Rist benefits from a heavier rod on the flats
  • TARUARAU RAINBOWS — Greg French explores the Hawke’s Bay backcountry in
  • NZ THE HUMBLE FLATHEAD — Shane Bretz introduces a perfect target for beginners
  • BUSH CREEK HUT — Stu Hastie solves a mystery in the wilds of New Zealand
  • HUNTING THE FLATS — Piero Bertocchi profiles Top End guide Graeme Williams
  • PAWSON’S LEGACY — Rob Sloane indulges in some competitive nostalgia
  • KEEPING MELBOURNE’S SECRETS — Chris Fiddes reflects on the allure of secret waters
  • BACKCASTS — Readers’ letters
  • WATSON’S FANCY — Toe Biter dobsonfly larvae — Peter Watson
  • ON THE BEACH — Bradley Bunny — Chris Beech
  • LATEST & GREATEST — New gear and industry news – Steven Dally
  • REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS — Reviews of ‘Water Colour’ by Greg French and Rio Creek fly line, plus new products
  • POSTCARD — Sabah, Borneo — Kelvin Ng
  • TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services by region
  • SHORT CASTS — Paul Barnes, Graham Hosie, Ben Carden, Steve Walton, Greg Hardy
  • LAST CAST — News, events and editor’s musings
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