Issue 89 Spring 2017

Issue 89 Spring 2017


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In this issue: 

  • MOUNT FIELD – Greg French takes to the hills in southern Tasmania
  • THE WEST BRANCH – David Anderson spends time on the Kiewa River in Victoria
  • SLOW PREY – Bill Mitchell offers food for thought on the tropical flats
  • HARD TIME TACTICS – Bob Wyatt deals with Southland’s toughest streams
  • COSMOLEDO & ALPHONSE – Joshua Hutchins can’t get enough of the Seychelles
  • ONE TO REMEMBER – Micah Adams comes to terms with the Monaro streams
  • HILLBILLY BONEFISH – Thomas Clancy confronts carp in the Sydney suburbs
  • FINE TUNING – Peter Morse takes a subtle approach to Exmouth permit
  • HIGHLAND REDS – Mark Cloutier appreciates the red spinner hatch
  • THE SALMON RUN – Leon Normore tackles Western Australian salmon
  • ROADSIDE RAINBOWS – David Freudenberger seeks easy access in New Zealand
  • BACKCASTS – Readers’ letters
  • WATSON’S FANCY — Perdigon Nymph — Peter Watson
  • ON THE BEACH — Vlahos Marbled Sand Flea — Chris Beech
  • LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
  • REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS – SA freshwater leaders, Scott G-Series fly rod and Rod & Fly ‘River to Reef’ rod reviewed, with new products from Rio, Simms, and Korkers announced
  • POSTCARD — Swedish Lapland — Axel Wessolowski
  • TRAVEL GUIDE – Guides, accommodation and services by region
  • SHORT CASTS — Short stories from John McKeown, Kerryn Milligan, Mike Dimond, Ben Mackereth, Michael Wood
  • LAST CAST – News, events and editor’s musings
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