Issue 84 Winter 2016


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TWO-HANDERS — Tim Angeli prepares for winter fishing in New Zealand
CRAWLERS & LEAPERS — Greg French chases mayfly-feeders in Tasmania’s remote lakes
GOLDEN BAY KINGFISH — Joshua Hutchins reveals the South Island’s flats potential
SPORT & PROCREATION — Rob Sloane sheds light on the spawning-run debate
GOING WEEDLESS — Peter Morse advocates weed guards for snag-dwellers
SOLITUDE ON THE THREDBO — David Anderson seeks rainbows on the Thredbo River
LOW-WATER FLATS — Mark & Sharon Cloutier fish Tasmania’s not-so-Great Lake
MORETON BAY LONGTAILS — Geoff Volter grapples with Brisbane’s longtail tuna
FOREVER YOUNG — Anthony Cole joins the ‘young punks’ in the back-country
THE OVENS — Adam Royter revisits a popular Victorian stream
POP FLEYES — Rod Harrison shares some of Bob Popovics’ creations
BACKCASTS — Readers’ letters
WATSON’S FANCY — Catgut Caddis — Peter Watson
FIRST CASTS — Rods and rules… — Jonathon Clewlow
ON THE BEACH — Lagoon Shrimp — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — New gear and industry news — Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS — Reviews of Scott Radian rod, Adrenalin tying kit and Hatch tippet, plus products from Innovator, Scientific-Anglers and Tonic.
POSTCARD — Kanton Atoll — Andrew Martin
TRAVEL GUIDE — Lodges, guides and services by region
SHORT CASTS — James Engelbrecht, Michael McBrien, Michael Kearney, Bryan Pratt
LAST CAST — News, events and editor’s musings

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