Issue 82 Summer 2015/16


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  • SYDNEY WEEKENDER — Joshua Hutchins targets trout, bass, perch, cod and carp
  • BREAM ON THE REBOUND — Rob Sloane competes against lures and soft-plastics
  • WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH — Kristina Royter battles wind and rain in the South Island
  • WILD MOUNTAIN RAINBOWS — Craig Rist packs a float-boat to drift Tasmania’s Lake Meston
  • ANAA ATOLL — Jess McGlothlin offers a taste of island life in French Polynesia
  • BUSHBASH CREEK — David Anderson tackles the toughest streams in Australia
  • REPAYING A FAVOUR — Piero Bertocchi shares good fishing close to Wellington
  • SHOOTING THE BREEZE — Josh Davis hunts snag-bound impoundment sooties and barra
  • THE REEL DEAL — David Anderson investigates an Aussie-made fly reel
  • SIX SHADES OF FAWN — Alistair Purvey adopts Frank Sawyer’s Killer Bug
  • ULTRALIGHT SALT — Paul Vogl bends his 2-weight on Christmas Island bonefish
  • WATSON’S FANCY — Reel Wing Caenid — Peter Watson
  • FIRST CASTS — Just do it… — Jonathon Clewlow
  • ON THE BEACH — BB Shrimp — Chris Beech
  • LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
  • REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS – Aquasoul DVD and Stu’s Superior Flies
  • POSTCARD — Golden Trout, USA — Greg French
  • SHORT CASTS — Bryan Pratt, Edmund Fitzgerald, Steven Geddes, Kerryn Milligan
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