Issue 66 Summer 2011-12


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In this issue:

THE BIG WATER – instructing on the Murrumbidgee river, NSW – Adam Royter
JET BOAT TROUT – inaccessible river exploration South Island NZ – Peter Morse
PERMIT PRESSURE – first permit after a long wait, Exmouth WA – Rob Sloane
ON THE RECORD – chasing IGFA world records – Steve Cooper
PERFECTING PLOPS – willow grub feeders – Terry Conway
TROPICAL TWIGGING – 3-weight floodplains fishing, Broome WA – Simon Penn
EXPLORATIONS – wilderness trails and the drive to find new water – Daniel Hackett
MINIMALISM – a simple approach to fly fishing – Nick Taransky
THE HOODLUMS OF NORNALUP – bream fishing in WA – Nick Groen
PETE’S PULSAR – Peter Barrow’s marabou fly – Peter Leuver
FOCUS ON FERGUS – a reliably productive Tasmanian lake – Greg French
METRO BASS – Good water close to Sydney, NSW – Clinton Isaac
ON THE BEACH – Turneffe crab – Chris Beech
POSTCARD – Taimen in Japan – Rick Wallace

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