Peux Tippet Dispenser

Peux DispenserAre you tired of fighting with loose tippet spools in your jacket when the fish are on? Exclusive Cast presents ‘The Dispenser’ by Peux.

The Dispenser is an encased tippet dispenser made in high grade aluminium that hangs from your jacket, or will sit easily in your pocket. The result of detailed and accurate design, the dispenser guarantees great efficiency while loading the line (4, 5 or 6 spools) in three extremely simple steps—without pulling out the spools.

The tippet is threaded through the spool, and wound on using the driver.
Fifty metres of 8 lb line will fit comfortably on one spool. Once loaded, the tippet line is available by loosening the screw nozzle, pulling out the selected tippet weight to the required length and cutting it on the concealed blade.

The Dispenser is available at starting from $158 for the 4 spool.

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