Paul Bourne explores a more traditional approach to fly reels.

If, like me, you love fine fly fishing tackle, with a leaning towards tradition, you will be pleased to know that Peerless Traditional Trout Fly Reels are now available in Australia through N.A. Taransky Bamboo Rods.

These fine trout reels have been handmade in the U.S.A. for many years. The guys at Peerless, who by the way all fish, have combined classic styling with modern materials and technology to create a functional, robust and attractive reel that is designed to give the user a lifetime of trouble free service.

Apart from the eye-catching design, the first thing that comes to mind when you handle one is sturdiness. I doubt if I have ever seen a fly reel that, like these, seems as if you’d have to run it over with a truck to stop the spool turning, although I’m sure Nick (Taransky) wouldn’t recommend it. The reels are very smooth to use. This is attributed to the close tolerances and the use of an oil impregnated bronze bearing that, apart from being more expensive than the more common ball or roller bearings, is made to last. It also better handles the typical intrusion of dust, water and the like encountered in everyday fishing situations.

Standing in a beautiful stream, looking down and admiring your fine trout reel attached to a quality bamboo or graphite fly rod is nice, but is even better if you’re catching a few. With a fish on, the smooth click pawl drag system proved faultless in operation. It’s designed to protect the lightest of tippets and can easily be adjusted to simply stop spool overrun, or to apply some pressure to a larger fish. The anodised low glare finish reduced my excuses for scaring fish—fortunately there’s plenty of other bits and pieces hanging off me to blame.

Peerless Traditional Trout Reels are available in four sizes, suitable for line sizes 1 through 7, with weights of 4.6 oz to 5.7 oz. Considering the obvious quality and workmanship they are reasonably priced. All reels are individually hand-machined and assembled with no compromises in materials or quality and are reversible left or right hand wind. The reels are supplied with a tanned leather lambs wool lined pouch and have a lifetime warranty for materials and workmanship.

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