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  • BAW BAW – David Anderson visits the West Gippsland high country of Victoria

  • TASSIE KINGFISH – Craig Rist tackles yellowtail kingfish in the southern waters of Bass Strait

  • AUTUMN JOLLYTAILS – Greg French & Peter Broomhall target Mersey baitfish feeders in Tasmania

  • MINDSET & FLOW – Simon Chu applies sports psychology to fly fishing success

  • A RIVER SOMETIME – Bill Bachman interviews Rob Sitch and Tom Gleisner

  • EXPLORING EBOR – Thomas Clancy hunts trout in the New England Tablelands

  • PILBARA COBIA – John Robertson battles cobia in Western Australia

  • HIKING WITH A ROD – Piero Bertocchi spends time on the Greenstone River in

  • NZ BIG STICKS IN THE SALT – Leon Normore grapples with double-handed swoffing

  • TELLING STORIES – Rob Sloane shortlists some photo competition images

  • TROUT BEATS — Charley May shares a sentimental playlist

  • BACKCASTS – Readers’ letters

  • WATSON’S FANCY — Peccary Parachute – Peter Watson

  • ON THE BEACH — Aitutaki Shrimp – Chris Beech

  • LATEST & GREATEST — New gear and industry news – Steven Dally

  • REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS - Reviews of Orvis shirt and Vision Onki rod, plus new gear from Orvis, Waterworks-Lamson, Simms and Tonic Eyewear

  • POSTCARD — Mongolian Taimen — Joshua Hutchins

  • TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services by region

  • SHORT CASTS — Short stories by Tony Pennacchia, Michael Tweedie, Ross Mackenzie, Graeme Parker, Greg Wood

  • LAST CAST — News, events and editor’s musings