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leightona created: London Postcard - Extra Information

A great little postcard from Chris Fiddes in Issue 86 on some classic UK fly fishing.
Additional information and images are now available online at

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GR replied: London Postcard - Extra Information

I am waiting for the FlyLife on sale edition next week in order to read the mag article. Looking forward to it as I have fished a few of these spots. Nice to get this extra information in anticipation. I would like to fish Bourne Rivulet at some stage in the future if the opportunity arose. The book is a great read.


Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. Mark Twain.

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darylallan replied: London Postcard - Extra Information

A great article and shows what can be done to rehabilitate rivers. The last line grabbed my attention.

"Now back at home I somehow can't stop tying Blue Iron Duns and imagining a rise of the Merri Creek"

The Merri Creek is a short bike ride from my house in Reservoir and I had the pleasure to ride along the bike track from Reservoir to Coburg (Bell St). Yep I was wishing I could see a rise how magical would it be to go fly fishing in the northern suburbs.

Now I have a question have trout ever rose in the Merri Creek? I know that there were trout in the Yarra below the falls and maybe Coburg lake was stoked once.

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chf replied: London Postcard - Extra Information

I haven't got any direct evidence of trout in the Merri but I think its almost certain that if they were released into the Yarra at Dights Falls early to mid last century from the Studley Park hatchery ( which did occur ) then they'd swim up the Merri which enters the Yarra immediately above the Falls.
Maybe someones got an old photo/diary/newspaper ....
The Plenty river which is the next main tributary on the north of the Yarra was certainly stocked until the 60s and still carries the occasional brown trout according to the DPI guide to inland angling waters of Victoria.Which is a pretty thorough guide re the Yarra ,but in which the Merri doesn't even get a mention.The headwaters of the Plenty also have Tourrurong Reservoir which is closed to Angling but certainly has Trout and was a noted close to Melbourne water in its day .
I sort of think it highly likely some historical stocking attempts on the Merri creek must have taken place .
Today ....well there certainly are eels and some big carp and around Northcote there are some stretches that look pretty nice when theres been enough of a dry spell for the water to clear ( and if you avoid doing an E.coli or heavy metal count ). Could there be a trout somewhere up high in the Merri around Epping ?
Unlikely I guess but not totally impossible and I'm not sure anyones ever checked , and I do look out the window and wonder whenever I turn off the ring road onto the Hume and cross the bridge .

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