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chf created: Bow and Arrow Casting

Great article on the Bow and Arrow !
I've used the end of the fly line as the hold point since reading Georges Daniels book and its a great technique , but the Roll Cast by Bow and Arrow is completely new to me and looks a great addition to the casting armament . Thanks v.much Brad for sharing .
I find that though I cast right handed I always hold the rod with my left when Bow&Arrowing and have the line in my right ( I'll assume Tim Wright in the pics is the same ) but then I have to swap back if I hookup as I can't yet play a fish with my left holding the rod nor manage the line with my right hand.
Its a bit of a conundrum as I've almost never got a fish onto the reel in places where I'm Bow&Arrowing and have to play them by hand , and often with the short distances the take is nearly instantaneous causing a few seconds of panicked hand swapping while trying to keep the line tight and and the fish away from structure .
Any solutions anyones come up with?Or is it just practice practice practice.

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brad replied: Bow and Arrow Casting

Thanks for the feedback Chris.

I'm discovering that the Bow Roll Cast is new to most people. It is a beauty though where trees grow low right across a pool and a normal roll cast isn't possible. I have one project fish in just such a spot, which is how I was compelled to merge the two techniques.

I now hold the rod with either hand and switch depending on which plane of fly/line travel will work the best for me in the given situation. Generally with close quarters fishing I don't use the reel, so can strip with either hand to control line. I don't give them much slack either as it's often pretty snaggy and I like to take the fight to the fish, Morsie-style.

Yes, practice is good, and it's one cast you CAN practice at home inside :-)

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