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Due to popular demand Justin Duggan and myself will be hosting another couple of casting days in Sydney so if you’re a student of casting, or if you simply want to catch more fish through the quickest way I know, becoming a better fly caster, sign up.
Saturday the 30th will be for intermediates with a focus on polishing your cast in the morning in order to cast further in the afternoon. This will include learning how to double haul and if you already haul, how to haul better.
Sunday 31st will be another Saltwater day. We covered a lot of ground on the last of these but there’s still much more to deal with – including dealing with the wind, casting big heavy flies, casting further in all conditions (I hope its blowing) and this time I’ll bust out the big gear as well, 12-13-14&16 weights with matching lines.
To reserve a spot contact me and arrange to pay a deposit.
The venue is the same, the Sydney International Regatta Center.
Start time is 8am and finish time is 4pm. Cost is $150 for the day!!

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