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richardmccallum created: NZ check list

Heading to NZ over Christmas to mid January first 10 days I Will be in the bay of islands where I will do some salt fishing before heading to lumsden. Any advice on what to take eg. waders or is it not to cold to wet wade I don't want to be travelling with to much gear.

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Craig Worthington replied: NZ check list

If you're going anywhere near the northern NZ rocks make sure you have serious footwear and be prepared for them to disintegrate. The jagged volcanic rocks around here are tough. I find true crocs are about the best footwear when it is warm. They offer fantastic grip on the sharp stuff and the soft rubber doesn't seem to fall to bits like harder soled shoes.

Next suggestion is to be prepared for sunlight that will fry you alive, peel your skin and give you skin cancer in twenty years time. This is no joke. NZ has the strongest UV rays in the world. It is often cooler than Oz but the sunlight is far more damaging. Please be warned. Ockers think they know the sun but they are still caught out by the intensity of the NZ sunlight in mid-summer.

For down south I would not worry about waders but I would carry thermal leggings to keep the sandflies at bay. Buffs for full head and neck coverage and sungloves and long sleeved sun shirts to cover hands and wrists. Even then they will still get you!

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thommo227 replied: NZ check list

Take a Wallabies jumper, stick at the top of your case by the waders and other fishing gear. Customs more likely to go easy on you out of sympathy :P

Agree re the sandflies. Stu Tripney told me they do not exist on the SI, but he was telling porkies. I've been hammered. Problem I had with thermal tights over there in summer was I got too hot & ended up having to take a swim to reduce my core body temp one day on the Mataura. I'll still take waders over in Feb just in case it gets cold.

Oh, and watch out for Asian tourists driving - they are bloody deadly over there. Seriously, keep a heads up for cars coming at you on the wrong side of the road, or overtaking you in suicidal places.

I've known a few people who totally mortgaged their lives so they could make a bunch of money figuring they'll retire and be able to buy their lives back, and I just don't think it works that way- John Gierach

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richardmccallum replied: NZ check list

Thanks for the replys I have had a lot of experience with the drivers in the north island but I'm more afraid of my friend over there she thinks she a rally driver

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