Sponsor Offers & Announcements yo, jc2! any chance of any tasmanian fly packages?

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    mitch aka 2 fish

    mitch makes platforms.

    I’m thinking a lucky baker’s dozen would suffice.
    make it so.

    (and I’ll take two dozen nymphs* as well)

    edit: *beadheads



    Just need para black spinners. Bruce Gibson won’t tie them for me. 😯
    Managed 15 fish on same fly recently (no not in one day, I’m talking Tasmania). Also exceeded (very nearly) bag limit last Friday (who knew?). Didn’t have my sheep counter and ruler on board.
    Am I bragging. No, just reckon it’s dry fly or drinking and talking up the forum at the Gathering this year.s:up



    No worries will have it all sorted for the Gathering.
    The fishing sounds very good I hope the fishing will last and not end up , “you should have been here last week “and we have to add the Chief factor as well. The best I have done is seven on the one fly on the Mitta over a day and evening rise with Scottie. Royal Wulff.
    That was in 2015 with the river running very high and fast.
    Looking forward to this trip , not long now.



    Any fish caught with Chief around count at least double.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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