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    Greg French

    Congratulations to Ben Kerthe on his Wilderness Therapy article. Younger people and international visitors really do have a welcome knack of highlighting essential elements of our fishing lifestyle that locals (me included) often take for granted or miss altogether.

    Ben has written a follow-up story, which I anticipate will be published within the next couple of issues of FlyLife, and it is even better than Wilderness Therapy. In fact it is one of the most enjoyable and poignant stories I’ve read in long time. Look out for it.

    As an aside, the day I met Ben in the Nineteen Lagoons was the same day I went fishing with Chris Hart, winner of the FlyLife lottery for those who purchased a copy of Water Colour. It was pretty ordinary fishing weather, but Chris and I saw quite a few fish anyway. Most were non-compliant, but Chris managed to entice a few to lunge at his fly before finally lading a beauty at Lake Bostford. Chris was great company, and I trust he enjoyed the day as much as I did. Catching up with Ben and his mate at the end of the day – full of enthusiasm for what Western Lakes fishing is all about – was just the icing on the cake.



    Nice twist to the tale of a good article by Ben.

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