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    Small wins are still wins.

    Every time the development gets a set back, it adds to the frustration of the proponent and his backers. Sooner or later it gets insurmountable and hopefully it gets canned.

    We can only live in hope. I’m taking the news as an early Christmas present. 🎅



    Yes, a very big win I would say. Assume any future development proposal would have to go back to the Central Highlands Council and would have to be properly assessed at State and Federal level after full impact assessment and public consultation…🤔



    The following is an extract from an email I received from the Tasmanian National Parks Association (one of the respondents in the recent court case):

    Tourism company Wild Drake Pty Ltd proposed to exclusively use and develop Halls Island for luxury accommodation, with guests accessing the site in up to 240 helicopter flights a year.

    Unfortunately, we may not have seen the end of the proposal. Wild Drake has said it still intends to seek approval under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.

    The implications of such a move are not clear except that the proposal has not yet been abandoned. EPBC approval is not a foregone conclusion and the proposal will still need state approval. Wild Drake’s own media statement says it will be seeking the necessary state approvals after it has secured EPBC approval.”



    Likely withdrew to give themselves time to get state and federal approval and will then resubmit to council/RMAT.  They would argue those approvals address the problems that caused them to lose the appeal.

Viewing 4 posts - 91 through 94 (of 94 total)
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