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    To borrow the Queensland promo:

    Tasmania, wilderness one day, for sale the next.



    To borrow the Queensland promo:

    Tasmania, wilderness one day, for sale the next.

    That would be funny if it was true! Unfortunately, it isn’t for SALE, it’s being GIVEN AWAY! Hall’s Island is being leased out for the paltry sum of around $80 per week and the project is only expected to generate around three full time job equivalents!



    The Tasmanian National Parks Association in conjunction with The Wilderness Society TAS and a couple of individuals are taking further legal action in the a full Court of Tasmania’s Supreme Court against the Lake Malbena project:

    Lake Malbena decision appealed to Full Court

    They will again be represented by the Environment Defenders Office. Despite this, legal fees are likely to be substantial. Your donation will help them to meet these costs and to protect Tasmania’s National Parks (and Lake Malbena/Halls Island in particular):



    This entire area was zoned wilderness because that’s what it is. The proponent and his wealthy backers asked the Tasmanian Liberals to rezone it to no longer be wilderness. So they did and and they threw in the big island for $80/ week. Think about that.



    Spot the difference. According to the Secretary of Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service one of these buildings is a hut and one is not a hut but is instead a “standing camp”. This matters because new huts are not permitted under the WHA management plan. Is this sort of manipulation coming from Parks Minister Roger Jaensch MP or the PWS Secretary Jason Jacobi themselves? Serious question!




    Different rules for mates down south…….




    Just some stuff posted on Facebook by the FAWAHA :

    “A reminder that it’s not a bunch of “anti everything’s” that question what Tasmanian Liberals are tying to do to our wild places. Even a Federal Court Judge questioned it (and sent the Commonwealth back to the drawing board). Privatising Word Heritage is really only supported by those who get a cheap lease and the Tourism Industry Council Tasmania.”




    This matter is going back to the Supreme Court.

    Financial support would be welcomed

    More on the Supreme Court challenge here … micwebinar



    And potentially coming to your own favorite  piece of National Park too!

    From Bushwalk Australia

    with thanks


    Halls Island in Lake Malbena today, your special place tomorrow.

    To be clear, you could be sent to jail for visiting Halls Island. Public land inside the Walls of Jerusalem National Park in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. We are locked out for the next 20 years, minimum. Please share this on your social media and call for an end to this madness. … EDNy8jfVDM

    Anger as heritage site closed to public
    A private developer has been given the right to evict people from an island deep inside Tasmania’s Wilderness World Heritage Area, outraging fishermen and bushwalkers.


    “A private developer has been given the right to evict people from an island inside Tasmania’s Wilderness World Heritage Area and to install surveillance cameras, outraging fishermen and bushwalkers.
    The Australian has obtained correspondence from the head of Tasmania’s Parks and Wildlife Service confirming such rights are held by Wild Drake, which was controversially given an exclusive lease to develop a tourist project on Halls Island.
    PWS general manager Jason Jacobi wrote to a fishers and walkers group on August 11, confirming Wild Drake could install cameras for any use without ­approval and could evict anyone visiting the island.
    “As lessee, Wild Drake has the same rights and obligation as any citizen to manage its property in the land in accordance with the law,” Mr Jacobi said in response to questions about the company’s powers of eviction.Similarly, as the company — fronted by developers Daniel and Simone Hackett — had “exclusive possession” of the island, at Lake Malbena in the Walls of Jerusalem National Park, it could “choose to use cameras (monitoring or otherwise) without PWS approval”.
    The group that elicited the ­response from Mr Jacobi said it was “horrified” a private company had been granted such sweeping powers over a World Heritage Area and national park.
    “It seems the developer has the right to evict us from a World Heritage Area, which we find a really frightening and astounding turn of events,” said Dan Broun of Fishers and Walkers Against Helicopter Access.
    “The penalty of up to six months in jail or a $1680 fine for being in a national park and world heritage area, for ordinary bushwalkers, is abhorrent.”
    Mr Hackett said people could apply to visit the island and claimed the cameras were used for environmental monitoring.
    In late 2018, The Australian revealed the Hacketts had been granted a secret “exclusive possession” lease over the island. The proposal, currently tied up in Supreme Court legal action, has become a lightning rod for dissent at the state government’s policy of luring tourism projects to parks and wilderness areas.



    Fishers and Walkers Against Helicopter Access are holding a public meeting at 2:00pm on Sunday, 20 September called “Lake Malbena Matters”. Here is the event promo:

    Halls Island, Lake Malbena – keep the Western Lakes Wild and Public

    The proposal for helicopter-accessed luxury huts at Lake Malbena is the test case for 30+ secret development plans under the current Government’s Expressions of Interest process.

    This exclusive and secretive lease of $1,000/year will destroy the serenity and all that is precious about the Western Lakes in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA)

    Come along to a public meeting to hear the latest & what we can do about it.

    We’ll hear from several speakers about where the Malbena issue is at, what we can do to keep our public land in public hands, and how to let our politicians know that corrupt deals for special mates are NOT ON.

    There will be an opportunity to donate to this cause, every little bit helps.

    The wonderfully supportive folks of the Great Lake Community are putting on afternoon tea for us as well!





    FREE tickets (covid-safety reasons) for the event can be obtained from the EventBrite site:

    A flyer will be available at the meeting for attendees to take and distribute among their associates!





    Susan Ley, Federal Minister for the Environment has today circulated a brief media release (apologies for the image quality) concerning the Lake Malbena Project:

    From the Fishers And Walkers Against Helicopter Access Facebook page:

    Breaking: Walls of Jerusalem Heli Tourism proposal will require Commonwealth Government Assessment as a “Controlled Action”. Full summary of what it means shortly. Good outcome which would never have happened had the Wilderness society and environmental defenders office not appealed the Ministers original decision. More to come.”




    Well at least it has not been rubber stamped and is now going to be assessed like it should have been in the first place.

    I hope it is conducted with due diligence.



    Very good outcome in my opinion, Minister Ley clearly has reservations about what has transpired in the past and has more or less ordered the process back to square one as far as Federal scrutiny goes. Submissions, when called upon, will be crucial.

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