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    Is Mr DH planning to stock Lake Norman as well now. It seems that he can move mountains so may I suggest brook trout or maybe import some salmoniod species that we don’t already have, that will bring the tourists. 😜




    Maybe the new Premier will adopt a more enlightened and transparent attitude.



    I doubt it, PT48.  The likely successor will be Rockcliff or Gutwein.  Both are very much pro-development at any cost – full steam(roller) ahead into the Parks.



    Preventing any potential clients from engaging in conversation with the locals may prove to be a most challenging task. Imagine the conversation at the fly store/ fashion mecca.

    And I can just imagine a wild drake flapping around the various shorelines attempting in vain to preserve domestic tranquillity upon an island fortress.  Perhaps an ever expanding exclusion zone or just a policy of non fraternisation is planned… signed along with the waver form. Maybe the odd AVO?  Its all just plain dumb.

    I am tipping Gutwein… complete with plenty of attitude…

    That should be easy enough to match. Forthright ,cynical,seditious, annoying, well targeted and mildly guilt inducing conversations with potential or real clients. Sounds like great fun to me.  Greg for historical perspective, Doc for logical presentation of scientific realities and 2Fish as S.W.A.T   I can brew the tea and appear friendly.

    The Supreme Court then… more lawyers and more cash. How deep are ducks pockets anyhow? Ive never really thought about that before…

    Cheers… Jimmy


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    We have had to remove a recent post regarding Supreme Court action over the Lake Malbena issue because it contained the full text of an article from “The Mercury”. As such, it was subject to copyright and therefore not permissible.



    Now I will have to go out and buy today’s (?) Mercury !



    Folks the Supreme Court will not come cheap!

    The Tasmanian National Parks Association is running a fundraiser.




    Details of the Supreme Court Appeal here.
    Filed by the Tasmanian Environmental Defenders office who would greatly appreciate any donations.
    I guess the Supreme Court will not come cheaply!
    Environmental Defenders Office, acting on behalf of The Wilderness Society (Tasmania), the Tasmanian National Parks Association and two individuals has filed an appeal in the Tasmanian Supreme Court against the decision of the Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal to issue a permit in December 2019 for the Lake Malbena tourist development in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.
    “Our clients are appealing against the permit issued by the Tribunal for helicopter-accessed visitor accommodation in a World Heritage wilderness area in central Tasmania”, said Nicole Sommer, EDO Managing Lawyer, Hobart.
    More here on EDO legal actions concerning the Lake Malbena proposal.
    “The appeal is on two grounds. We will argue that the Tribunal made an error of law in its interpretation of the planning scheme in finding that it could rely on the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife’s Reserve Activity Assessment for the proposal instead of undertaking its own assessment against the reserve management plan for the TWWHA.
    “We will also argue that the Tribunal should not have relied on the Reserve Activity Assessment for the proposed development because it was defective.”
    An appeal in the Supreme Court can only be taken on a question of law arising from the Tribunal’s decision.


    mitch aka 2 fish

    cucks will allow this to happen.

    and they’re the same ones that allow this to go unobtrusive. enjoy.

    in the meantime pretend this is important to you beyond your keyboard.



    seriously… what are we doing. does anyone remember when men were men? your father’s rolling in his grave, mate.



    And documents just released under Freedom of Information rules show Daniel got mates rates for the  Halls Island rental with the deal signed before the assessment process was completed? Surely this must amount to a corrupt government process?




    The amount is certainly raising eyebrows in political circles, with plenty of comment just up on the Mercury website. The ombudsman apparently forced the release of the details, after a 2 year battle. Not quite the proponent’s line of releasing the info yesterday in the public interest.



    The Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal last month decided to overturn the Central Highland Council’s decision to block the project, finding in favour of appellants Daniel and Simone Hackett.

    The venture involves a standing camp on Halls Island and helicopter flights in and out of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

    Tasmanian National Parks Association president Nicholas Sawyer said the Supreme Court appeal challenged the tribunal’s ruling that it could rely on a reserve activity assessment by Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service to determine the project’s accordance with the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area Management Plan.

    He said the tribunal’s decision had implications for other tourism projects being considered in reserved areas and parks under a government-run expressions of interest process.

    Court hearings are expected to start later this year.




    Some quotes from the story:

    He has no plans to back down.

    “We know we can do this sensitively, we can do this to the best standard in the world and create something amazing,” he says.

    “My tertiary background is conservation. My professional background is tourism with conservation.

    “To allow someone with no other reason than ideology to say you can’t do your job is completely unacceptable.”



    Equality of access to public land is not ideology it is a tenet of democratic society.

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