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    Yes, it is not a rejection of the proposal but requires conditions be imposed. These may limit the viability of the development but not stop it. My recollection is that the fly fishing activities were separated out into Stage 2 along with the aboriginal art component etc and if a separate approval is now required for Stage 2 this may give some renewed hope.

    And, again, please try to keep content to the proposal and related facts and avoid speculation and personal jibes.



    Interesting and unreported fact.  lease is contingent on approvals. They have no approvals.


    Son of a Beach

    So “exclusive use” of the island has NOT yet been granted?  And will not be granted until all approvals have been completed?



    Who really knows? The general public are being treated like mushrooms and we are having to rely on conjecture and supposition to try to work out what is happening!



    The federal court decision is certainly not seen as a hurdle to the developers, according to Daniel Hackett on Leon Compton’s radio show this morning. Just mere paperwork confirming already agreed environmental protection measures… which he wholeheartedly supports….

    The full interview is now available on ABC radio Hobart.



    I have an audio recording .mp3 of the interview but unfortunately it’s too big (10.5 MB) for the forum platform. Can it be submitted somehow?


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    I have an audio recording .mp3 of the interview but unfortunately it’s too big (10.5 MB) for the forum platform. Can it be submitted somehow?

    Link now posted by Rob above.



    What he said was basically the same as what the TNPA said. No assessment but legally binding conditions. Dan thinks that the conditions will match the voluntary commitments he already made and TNPA says they will be negotiated between the parties. Either way it will be resolved and he will get his go ahead.



    Hmmm… Sounds like it may be time for some ageing eco-warriors to start planning a limp into Malbena sometime soon. Grumpy people can become difficult to manage of course, but then… That is why Wild Drake want the whole island isnt it?

    There is nothing worse than Grumpy and potentially Noisy neighbours, when attempting to run an exclusive anything at all. Therefore step one, is to be prepared to lodge a charge of trespass and drag some folks through the courts if necessary. Police may even become involved. Charming.

    That chopper pad/ dome of dolerite is starting to look pretty strategically critical to my eyes. Perhaps a camp is in order. How about we launch the Hard Rock Cafe’ and cash in  on some of those tourist dollars flying past? There might even be some Govt funding for such a great tourism venture.

    Bugger. I was hoping we could possibly avoid such nonsense. That was probably a bit wishful perhaps.

    Oh Dear…Jimmy



    Reclaim Lake Malbena is mentioned back on page 25 of this marathon thread Jimmy, so plans are afoot.

    This being page 28 and a little hard to navigate perhaps for some, I’m wondering if we need to lock and reload. i.e. at some point we may need to preserve the foregoing and start another thread.🤔



    Fishers and Walkers Against Helicopter Access, a Facebook page set up to help keep people informed about the fight against the Lake Malbena project, have just made a media release:


    MEDIA RELEASE – Federal Court decision – Hall’s Island development

    Fishers and Walkers welcome yesterday’s Federal Court ruling. We were not surprised to learn that the State Government process for approving developments inside the World Heritage Area has no legal status, we knew this all along.
    Helicopter flights would be unregulated, and Justice Mortimer also raised the issue of secrecy around the entire State assessment process. Now is the time for the State Government and the proponent to admit they go this one wrong.
    Tourism has its place, but it does not involve catering for the rich few while trashing the experience for everyone else. Now is the time to talk about sensible, appropriate development and move away from divisive and inappropriate proposals that shut out the public.
    Our Facebook page has been a groundswell of opposition from all walks of life and political persuasions, including many Liberal voters who have taken special exception to Treasurer Gutwein’s heated comments in parliament, that those opposed to the development are “bullies and indulging in grubby politicking” (Paraphrase). The State Government, by continually referring to the Greens and environment groups, are refusing to acknowledge that the opposition to these developments within the Western lakes and TWWHA is massive, and from mainstream Tasmanian Anglers, bushwalkers and population. The opposition to Lake Malbena is a united front by people of all political persuasions, and we won’t be backing down any time soon.”



    More contentious legislation is being proposed in Tasmania!

    This would apply to any of us that chose to protest against Wild Drake’s operation if it went ahead. 18 months jail for first offence. 4 years for second offence.

    14 November 2019

    Guy Barnett, Minister for Primary Industries and Water

    Protecting Tasmanian’s right to work

    The Hodgman majority Liberal Government is committed to ensuring Tasmanians can go to work and run their business in a safe manner free from threats and disruption.

    Today the Government introduced legislation to provide Tasmanians with the strongest laws in the country to protect against trespassers targeting businesses, workers and their families.

    These laws are needed following an upsurge in business disruption caused by organised actions across the country, much of it unfairly directed at farmers.

    The Australian Government has introduced new legislation with bipartisan support and the NSW and Queensland Governments are also moving to tighten laws.

    The Workplaces (Protection from Protesters) Amendment Bill 2014 gives effect to a fundamental principle: that our laws should protect people who are undertaking lawful business activities.

    This means that people should be able to earn a living without trespassers interfering with their work, threats being made in an effort to shut down their business, or roads being obstructed in order to stop their business operations.

    The Workplaces (Protection from Protesters) Amendment Bill 2014 retains the strongest maximum penalties in Australia for trespass on business premises with the intent to impede business activity – up to four years in prison and/or a fine of up to $10,000 for individuals and $100,000 for a corporation.

    The Bill addresses matters raised by the High Court in the Brown case. It has been drafted to apply to all people and only to actions which affect or have the potential to affect the lawful rights of others.

    The Government is strongly committed to the right of people to protest, but not at the expense of the right of workers to earn a living or the right of business to operate safely and free from interference and disruption.”



    The timing of the reintroduction of this bill is interesting.

    I’m not sure if they could apply it to gathering to protest about Malbena: the project hasn’t  been approved and isn’t operational, so how can the business be obstructed?

    I haven’t read the wording of the bill yet though, only a couple of people’s  analysis of it, but apparently even threatening to gather, or discussing gathering in a public place to talk about an issue could be deemed illegal, IF that threat could affect a business…



    Bill hasn’t gone through Parliament yet but  civil liberties groups are saying if passed in its current form,  it can be applied pretty much anywhere (public streets, parks, beaches etc) because of the existing wording.



    Posted on behalf of Greg French:



    The public is being invited to attend a walk-in Direct Action event against a proposal to allow helicopter access and luxury accommodation on Halls Island, Lake Malbena, in an untracked region of the Western Lakes Wilderness World Heritage Area.

    There will be multiple options for attendees, from merely driving to the boom gate at trawtha mukaminya (Gowan Brae), to walking 4 km for a picnic at Olive Lagoon, to walking all the way to Lake Malbena. You can choose to do a day-trip or to camp overnight.


    The public overwhelmingly opposes this development (a History of the Malbena Development Proposal will soon be posted on our Facebook event page:

    The legal fight is still very much a live issue, but the government is quickly undermining your Right to Know, your Right to be Heard, your Right of Legal Appeal and your Right to Protest. Therefore we are opting for an early Direct Action ‘taster’. The idea is to prove to the government that we will not be denied access to our own land, and especially not through processes that fatally undermine our basic democratic rights.


    The starting point is the boom gate to trawtha mukaminya (Gowan Brae). (A map will soon be posted on our Facebook event page.) The Aboriginal custodians of this property have graciously allowed access (by high clearance vehicle) along the formed road to the WHA boundary near Johnsons Lagoon. Attendees will be required not to deviate from the formed track and to obey all instructions from Reclaim Malbena volunteers. No activities other than the use of the access road will occur on trawtha mukaminya.

    Beyond the WHA boundary, access is by foot only. This is a Self-reliant Recreation Zone and participants will need to be entirely self-reliant. (A checklist of bushwalking equipment and food will soon be available on our Facebook event page.)

    Normal ‘Leave No Trace’ bushwalking protocols will be expected.

    We are asking that those who know the whereabouts of the petroglyphs not to visit them.


    We need to be able to gauge turn-out so that we can responsibly and safely manage car-pooling, transport to the WHA boundary, parking, camping, safety and media. We have been asking people to register through our Facebook event page, but interest has been so great that we will need to upgrade to a different portal. In the next few days we will be directing attendees to an EVENTBRITE address. (Please register as soon as you can.) When you use this site you will be asked to answer a few questions to help us with planning, including whether you intend to attend only the boom gate gathering, to join us in a picnic at Olive Lagoon, or walk all the way to Lake Malbena.

    As interest is much greater than we initially expected, we may have to limit the number of people going all the way to Malbena. Rest assured that your presence at the boom gate or Olive Lagoon will be sufficient to ensure the success of the Reclaim Malbena event. We still need as many people as possible to attend.


    The boom gate to trawtha mukaminya (Gowan Brae) will be manned throughout the weekend.

    9:00 AM SATURDAY Meeting time at trawtha mukaminya (Gowan Brae) boom gate. Welcome to Country. Short speeches. Media events. Shuttles will be provided to the WHA boundary. Private vehicles (high clearance only) will be ushered to the boundary by the Aboriginal custodians and Reclaim Malbena volunteers.

    11:00 AM SATURDAY Boom gate closed to incoming traffic.

    3:00 PM Picnickers at Olive Lagoon will be ushered back out to the boom gate.

    5:00 PM SATURDAY Gathering on the shore of Lake Malbena. Welcome to Country. Short speeches. Media interviews.

    6:00 PM SUNDAY Boom gate locked. All cars will need to be gone from trawtha mukaminya (Gowan Brae) by this time.


    TAC boom gate

    Turn-off to bunker site

    At WHA boundary (on hillside near Johnsons Lagoon)


    People unfamiliar with the routes to Olive (or Malbena) can ask to be accompanied by those who are familiar with the routes.


    Recommended camping areas are located at Olive Lagoon, Mary Tarn and the proposed helicopter landing site at Malbena (a map will soon be available on our Facebook event page).


    People who wish only to attend the picnic at Olive Lagoon can anticipate an 8 km return walk, or about 3–4 hours walking for the day.

    The walk from the WHA boundary to Malbena and back is 25 km return and takes approximately 8–11 hours.


    A limited number of pack rafts will be available on site at Lake Malbena.

    The proponent has a private lease over the historic hut and permission should be sought before entry.

    The commercial lease over the rest of the island does not become active until permits for the development are gained.

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