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    Attended the rally in Hobart today. It wasn’t a big crowd but there were some good speakers including local independent Andrew Wilkie and Greens senator Nick McKim. Statements read from local Labor senators and Shooters & Fishers party also indicated their opposition to the proposal, leaving only the state and federal Liberals out on a limb in support.



    Yes, the small crowd was a bit disappointing! 🤔 I thought it a little ironic that Guy Barnett (minister in the state government) wished the organisers a successful rally in his fairly innocuous statement which was read out. Success will see the Malbena project (and all future projects being planned for WHA areas etc) scuttled! 🤓



    wish I could do more, feel helpless! donation made




    Election result is a serious body blow to saving Lake Malbena.

    Wilderness in Tasmania is now in peril….



    Greg French

    Hi everyone

    Now that the election is over, we are concentrating on helping the Central Highland Council (CHC) defend its decision to disallow the Malbena development. The defence is going to cost us at least $50, 000.00, perhaps a lot more, and thus far donations have been slow in coming in. So this is a plea to give what you can – the future of the Western Lakes depends on it.

    The donate page on TNPA website provides two options for donating to support the Malbena appeal. Both are tax deductible.

    • The simplest is option 1: TNPA Lake Malbena Appeal Fund which utilises GiveNow (
    • Alternatively, some donors may prefer the other option which utilises direct back transfer and allows the donor to identify the donation as being for Lake Malbena Appeal Fund. This avoids any requirement to enter bankcard details into GiveNow. It also avoids the commission taken by GiveNow. (

    A reminder of what this all about:

    Tasmanian National Parks Association (TNPA) is a non-government organisation with a particular interest in the management of existing national parks. The name can lead to confusion with the Tasmanian government’s Parks and Wildlife Service, but Victoria, NSW & Queensland all have NPAs which are far bigger and have been in existence for far longer than the TNPA.

    • The TNPA is supporting CHC decision to refuse a permit for the Malbena development.
    • This appeal is the only opportunity for the merits of the Malbena proposal to be tested by an independent arbiter.
    • Donations will assist the TNPA to engage lawyers and experts to put the best case opposing the development forward.
    • There are real issues to be tried in the appeal (including whether developments such as this are in accordance with the TWWHA Management Plan and wilderness values)

    A few other points:

    • In light of the CHC decision, the state government decided no so much to move the goal posts but to knock them down altogether – the Attorney General is actually asking the tribunal to rule that development applications are not needed for any proposal whatsoever on Crown Land (thereby nullifying the CHC decision). A directions hearing on 3 May confirmed that this jurisdiction question will be heard in conjunction with the appeal itself on 24-28 June. This is good news because it will result in RMPAT hearing evidence on, and making a decision on, both the jurisdiction question and the Malbena proposal itself.
    • The need for preparation in advance of hearing on 24-28 June requires that we have already committed to engagement of lawyers, barrister and expert witnesses.( i.e. we are now raising money to cover expenses to which we are already committed and without a lot of financial support we will be in serious debt by the time all the bills are paid.)

    Remember too that Malbena is a test case. The 2016 TWWHA Management Plan provides for five helicopter landing sites in the self-reliant recreation zone (which covers most of the plateau). Only one has been proposed so far (Malbena). An obvious use for the other four landing sites is to fly fishermen to other remote lakes. I would be amazed if one or more of the yet-to-be-released Expressions of Interest (EOI) proposals does not relate to such a concept.




    Shocking to hear what the Government and Attorney General are trying to now do Greg!

    Donation made and also signed up for a membership. Thank you very much for your time and significant efforts, like Appie I feel a bit helpless from afar but please keep fighting the good fight!


    mitch aka 2 fish

    in a state of 515000+ people I’m surprised no one has taken this on pro bono?

    it’s rather worrisome actually.






    Things are getting worse now, in the absence of credible process conservation groups are boycotting state government consultations, From FAWAHA

    Posted by Tasmanian National Parks Association on Thursday, May 30, 2019

    In detail

    Environment groups invited to be part of the public consultation to develop a tourism master plan for the Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA) have announced their intention to boycott the process.
    A Tourism Master Plan for the TWWHA was foreshadowed by the Tasmanian government in 2015, endorsed by UNESCO in 2015, and agreed to by state and federal governments in 2016. But the plan has since gone undeveloped, despite the Tasmanian Government’s agenda of pressing ahead with intrusive tourism developments, such as the Lake Malbena proposal, within the Tasmanian Wilderness.
    “We are forced to reluctantly boycott this process because the Government has rendered it meaningless. The Government has preempted its own Master Plan by approving the Lake Malbena development and throwing $3 million of taxpayers’ funds at accommodation developments on the South Coast Track. Meanwhile, at least 10 other leases for infrastructure within the Tasmanian Wilderness are being negotiated by the Government,” said Tom Allen, Wilderness Society Tasmania spokesperson.
    “We would like to play a constructive role but it’s not tenable for us to lend credibility to a process that is so self-evidently back-to-front and compromised. We don’t want to be part of the Premier’s privatising the parks agenda at precisely the time we should be protecting and growing them.”
    The Wilderness Society, Tasmanian National Parks Association (TNPA) and Tasmanian Conservation Trust (TCT) recently wrote to the Premier to request a meeting and to raise a number of concerns, including
    ·       The untenability of consulting about tourism developments while tourism developments are being actively pushed and, in may cases, subsidised with taxpayers’ funds;
    ·       The UNESCO-endorsed need for the master plan to have the primary goal of protecting the TWWHA’s Outstanding Universal Value (OUV);
    ·       Government leasing public land and funding private tourism development before planning assessments have been concluded;
    ·       Government secrecy when it comes to details about the boundaries and conditions that apply to the leases that have been finalised over public land inside Tasmania’s reserve system.
    “Common sense suggests that you do the plan before you build the tourism developments. Doing it the other way around pre-empts the plan,” said Nick Sawyer, TNPA spokesperson. “Common sense also says pause the thing you want to consult on, while you consult on it. That’s all we’re saying but it seems common sense is in short supply in this instance.”
    “Unethical tourist destinations in the TWWHA just became that bit more prominent and that’s highly risky in a state which is trying to make a big deal of the environmental integrity underpinning its tourism industry,” said Peter McGlone, TCT spokesperson.
    “I predict that the harder the government pushes unethical tourism ventures through its dodgy EOI process, the more likely we are to see tourists walk away from questionable and environmentally suspect tourist ventures.”

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    “…in a state of 515000+ people I’m surprised no one has taken this on pro bono?

    it’s rather worrisome actually….”

    They have.  We have a barrister from Melbourne who would usually charge something like $600 an hour donate a week of their time entirely for free for the case.

    Quite a few of our expert witnesses, also mostly from interstate have agreed to reduce their rates by up to 50%.

    The EDO have been working on the case full time since mid-March, and they are funded almost entirely on donations.

    Pro Bono doesn’t mean completely free in cases like this unfortunately.  We still have many costs – expert witness fees, travel expenses for all the people coming down for the case from Victoria and NSW, etc, etc.

    The case will still cost us tens of thousands of dollars.




    There are many components to the Lake Malbena issue. We have prepared a background and summary to describe how we got to a hearing in the Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal. This is not just an appeal about a tourism development in a Tasmanian national park. We anticipate that the outcome will set a national precedent.

    And we still urgently need donations to help pay for this appeal –

    Fishers & Walkers Against Helicopter Access Tasmania
    The Wilderness Society Tasmania
    Tasmanian Conservation Trust
    EDO Tasmania – Environmental Defenders Office Tasmania


    Peter Elks

    May I suggest that Patagonia Australia should be contacted to see if they are able to assist financially.

    I would hope they are able to do so.




    Have a go Pete

    Plenty of info on this site

    And a bit more here from the TNPA who I am sure will assist you

    Lake Malbena development proposal – background & summary



    Peter Elks


    I would be unable to apply on behalf of  Fishers Walkers..Wilderness  Society ..,EDO Tassy etc as I am not part of these organisations.

    I believe appropriate people within these organisations need to apply.

    The next round of grant applications will open 1 July – 31 August 2019.

    Good Luck….Pete



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