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    Simon Taylor

    A fantastic decision by the Central Highlands Council who must have been under a lot of pressure during this process.

    You would have hoped the Premier would have respected their decision, and professional experience in the local area and planning process.

    His interest in this proposal is must be questioned?

    I would have hoped Daniel would excepted the decision and move on😢


    Greg French

    I commend the Central Highlands Council in rejecting the Malbena Development Application. The decision was just and perfectly valid, but given the external pressure placed on almost everyone involved, it was also wonderfully brave. Unfortunately there will be an appeal, as requested of the proponent by the Premier on public radio, and I suspect this appeal will be funded in some clandestine way by the tax payer.

    In recent media interviews – and in his presentation to Council – the proponent has labelled all opponents to his development as ‘rabid greenies’, ‘conservationists’ and ‘extremists’ (CHC website). These terms are always used in derogatory fashion, and linked. Which is strange given how much store the proponent has made over the years of his support of conservation groups. On the other hand, greenie bashing is a time-worn tool of the state government, the idea being that you can dismiss myriad concerns on the grounds they are merely the views of unemployed druggies and rent-a-crowd ratbags. Problem is, the photos of the rallies, town hall meetings and the Bothwell special meeting of the CHC tell a completely different story. There’s not a dread-locked hippie to be seen, just ordinary mums, dads and grandparents. Extremists? That’s going to be a hard sell.

    Let’s look at the numerical facts. In the EPBC process, there were about 950 submissions, all against the development. In the DA process there were 1344 submissions against (the overwhelming majority of which were hand written, not pro-formas) and just 2 in favour. The council meeting to decide the DA application was attended by almost no one in favour except the proponents. To be clear: by numerical definition, the developers and their backers are the extremists.

    The number of submissions is, in the council’s own words, unprecedented. To put it in context, the Royal Commission into banking is reported to have received just 10,000 submissions.

    Luke Martin, Chief executive of the Tourism Industry Council, said that the Tuesday 10.30 am council meeting was stacked. The photos of those in attendance tell a completely different story – a disparate group of mainly older local rate payers (older because most younger supporters were busy at work a hundred or more kilometres away in the cities). Not a rent-a-crowd person in sight. Not even any obvious weighting towards any of the many lobby groups who have joined the campaign to save the Western Lakes. True, there were no supporters in the room, but nobody was stopping them from attending – the meeting was open to all comers. The truth is that the government and the proponent couldn’t find anyone willing to send in submissions or attend meetings. What a crushing realisation that must have been.

    Luke Martin, in an expression of dismay at the flood of public opposition to the Malbena proposal, is on the record as saying that this particular tourism venture is ‘insignificant’ (The Mercury, 8 Nov 2018). Yet Premier Will Hodgman was on the radio immediately after the CHC decision urging the proponent to appeal. Surely this is unprecedented for an ‘insignificant’ DA, or almost any DA. What the hell is going on?

    It is no longer a matter of conjecture: the ASIC documents show that development is backed by rich investors and comments made by the Premier conclusively demonstrate that it is championed by the state government. The project is neither small nor insignificant. It’s success underpins the Premier’s plans for approving multiple other developments in the TWWHA, including the Western Lakes.

    The government is on the back foot, but this fight is far from over.



    Fingers crossed that THW challenge of federal approval of the proposal, to be heard in the Federal Court, is successful. I have contacted my local MHR.



    From The Mercury, 5 March 2019 in Letters to the Editor:




    They didn’t run the other 3 paras. Don’t you hate editors. 😬






    Flylife, I would be grateful it if could post the whole “letter to the editor” to the forum.  It may be a case of preaching to the choir but I would appreciate reading your opinion.



    Chris Beech

    “I suspect this appeal will be funded in some clandestine way by the tax payer”

    What do you base this statement on Greg?


    Moderator 3

    Because the State government has been bending all the rules already; rezoning the Lake in secrecy etc. No reason to expect to play by the rules going forward!

    I won’t be surprised if they just over-ride any appeals etc and push forward as they are doing with the cable car project in Hobart.



    The Tasmanian State government will want to send a message to councils not to block the other wilderness developments that they have in the pipeline. I would not be surprised if they try to formally join the appeal as an interested party.



    Been caught up over the past few weeks – tremendous news about the council rejecting the DA!

    Well done to the councilors that voted against it.




    More on Lake Malbena and Mr Hackett here, the matter has gone to a tribunal,

    Time is short, March 25 deadline from memory.

    Now the most useful step is probably donations to either the Tasmanian Wilderness Society or Environmental Defenders Office,
    Of course you could register with the tribunal and make a submission, there is supporting material on the TWS website.

    Here are details of the tribunal process.

    (Or I could post a copy of a submission to the Highlands Council process)




    Comments from the Mayor of the Central Highlands Council regarding the Lake Malbena decision:



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