Tackle Talk Which two rods for a trip to New Zealand?

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    5’s are an interesting option. I’ve had a couple of Australians and New Zealanders tell me that a decent, modern 5 in the hands of a competent caster could easily handle 90% of the work, wind tungsten and all. So I guess packing a heavier line for it as well for when it really gets spicy could be a good option.

    I’ve found some interesting 6 options – true to weight that seem to offer the line weight benefit of the 6 but have the build/action of something lighter, so potentially a one rod to rule them all for NZ. Sky G, Taylor Anomaly Z, Epic 690G and Stickman T6. Some of these have graphene in the blank which seems to be a good idea.



    We are talking WINDY when it comes to open valleys in the South Island! I’ve had days when getting the fly line in front of you is a struggle. A 5-weight and a 6 have always been my go-to rods for NZ lakes and rivers.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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