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    Greg French

    How good is FlyLife 100! Far from becoming tired or over-familiar or tired, I honestly believe that the anniversary issue of the magazine is the best ever, which is really saying something given the continuously high quality of articles over the publication’s 25-year history.

    FL100 presents a perfect balance of retrospectives (25 years of Saltwater Fly, The Mataura) and forward thinking (Drifting the Snowy Valleys, FOMO, Cod and Comfort).

    Rob, as editor, has always favoured optimism and freshness over bad news, and has somehow managed to give us all heart with well-researched environmental articles (Fishing in the Anthropocene, Citizen Science) that don’t underplay the ever increasing threats to our lifestyle.

    I’ve been a regular contributor to FlyLife from the outset, but more than that I have been a devoted reader. Savouring every word of every issue,  studying every photo, I have been continuously inspired to lift my own game. I have learned much from legendary anglers (too numerous to list, but you know who they are) and always greatly enjoy new contributors. In FL100, Ben Kerthe’s article (Anglers Rest) was a highlight for me, not only because I met him the Western Lakes (FL97) but because the story is a ripping yarn and Helen Packer thoroughly deserves a heartfelt obituary of this quality. (Believe it or not, English is Ben’s second language.)

    When FlyLife started out, Rob and Libby ran the whole show by themselves – design, editing, advertising, office work, everything. Much later they employed a couple of staff and outsourced some of the advertising etc., but FlyLife has always been a tiny family operation. That it’s stood the test of time and is now revered as one of the very best fishing magazines on the planet is a truly remarkable achievement. (I was in South America in March, and it seemed that every second Argentinean or Chilean angler I met was a FlyLife reader).

    As a contributor, and especially as a reader, I will be forever grateful for the opportunities FlyLife has given me. Good luck to everyone moving forward, especially Rob, Libby and Leighton.



    Many thanks Greg, and glad you mentioned Ben Kerthe, because I loved that article from the outset and feel that outsiders (in this case a French backpacker) often deliver fresh insight into the places and people we take for granted.
    Also as you mention, I really appreciate David Freudenberger helping me out of a tight spot, because I’ve wrestled with how to present these environmental issues for some time. Even with notes and support from university profs like Peter Davies (fresh water) and Rick Stuart-Smith (marine) I could not tie all the threads together. Knowing DF is a leading academic in this field, and appreciating his recent treatment of Didymo in the mag, thankfully, my cry for help did not fall on deaf ears. It was fun cobbling the pics together too, positive vs apocalyptic.

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