#95 Autumn 2019 Western Lakes Fundamentals

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    Stephen Hill

    I read this while at the Gathering, having downloaded it just before heading North. It’s a great article for anyone considering the experience. Craig’s articles are generally good with their content and this one certainly conveys the balance between achievability and difficulty. A tough job given his experience.

    I learned from his explanation of seeing shapes, then seeing fish and will use it to help others for sure.

    It was also good to read that the young guys saw success.

    There has been so much written about the Western Lakes experience, this article where everything was dialled back a bit was great and I would suggest required reading for anyone considering the trip. Even if just for the names of the target waters 😎



    The more often you look for fish the easier they become to see, whether in a lake or river.

    Once you are attuned to scan the water for shadows and slight movement that is not the same as the the rest, you can see fish clearly and quite far off. Moving fish are easiest as the movement draws the eye, not necessarily the shape of a fish but it could be the shadow on the bottom or even just a smudge. Fish holding on the bottom you look for a fish shape that is inconsistent with the other shapes on the bottom.

    On lakes look through the window of the waves, and I like a three to four inch wave height to see a fair way.

    I agree Stephen, a great article which shows you don’t need to be an expert but willing to listen to catch fish. We all started at the same level of expertise.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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