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    Peter Gibson

    Peter Leuver has passed away. The NSW Rod Fishers’ Society published this tribute today…

    Peter Leuver was elected to the NSW Rod Fishers’ Society in 1986 and has been a very significant member of Rod Fishers and council over a long time. He organised a number of RFS functions and wrote many excellent articles for the Society and for many years was Editor and frequently also illustrator of several of the Society publications. Peter and his whole family were famous for their painting and artistic talents.

    Peter wrote two very popular books, the Fisher’s Logbook and the wonderful Fur and Feather. He wrote dozens of beautifully illustrated articles in many issues of the magazine Fly Life over the years and his illustrations appear in Chris Hole’s and several other trout books. He tied very many beautiful flies and was always happy to patiently pass on details and instructions to any members. Peter hosted many classes and taught many of our current members and others to tie their very first fly . A very gentle man who will be sadly missed – particularly by those of us who had the privilege of many trout fishing trips with him in Australia & NZ.



    Although I never met Peter I regard his book Fur and Feather as one of the books that helped me foster interest and improve my fly tying.

    Another great contributor to Australia’s history of fly fishing that has passed.



    A gentle creative sole, will be missed
    John S



    Sad news. Peter was an exceptional illustrator and valued contributor to FlyLife over many years. He often sent me quirky cartoons and caricatures, and two of his watercolour illustrations take pride of place on my living room wall: a family of Red Tag variants and a tribute to my father’s Rabbit Fur Fly. His step by step fly tying illustrations were unsurpassed.


    mitch aka 2 fish

    a loss indeed.




    Very much admired – a sad loss.


    I’m Peter Leuver’s daughter Therese and it gives me great comfort and support to see these messages of kindness. Fishing gave my dad a great solice from this hectic world, he was the best father and fisherman ever and we and the streams will miss his grace and presence. He created a Fly named ‘Oliver’ after his first grandson Oliver and I know that my dad recieved many letters from around the world expressing its success… ‘Tight Lines” dad.

    His funeral will be held on Monday 25th Feb 2019 in Pymble, Sacred Heart church.



    Sad news indeed. Loved his illustrations and flies. The fly world is a lot poorer from his passing.


    vincent butron

    Vale indeed…. our great loss



    I was very saddened to here of Peter’s passing, he was one of the greats in the industry and will be fondly remembered for his artwork, fly tying skills and teachings.
    May he rest on tranquil waters.



    Sad news… a great loss


    Peter Leuver’s funeral is now on Tuesday 26th at 11am.
    Sacred Heart Church Pymble. Richard Porters Way, off Bannockburn Road.

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