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    Tough day on the Tumut River today. Flowing at 1700 which was wadable in bits. But no matter what I tried, ciuldnt even get a sniff. Few rises late this afternoon kept life interesting.

    Just great to be out on such a great day.




    Interesting, I was there today too And canned it after an hour. On fly, it’s a hard river I reckon even at 1700 I was wading and anything over mid calf felt a bit sketchy balance wise. Hardest thing I find is he lack of runs and fishy looking water to fish. Seems to be a lot of big fat glides mixed with large riffle sections and lots of deeper water.

    In the end, I was on my way back to Canberra so I went through the mountains and checked out the Eucumbene (7 degrees and sideways winds) and the the bidgee at bolero. Slightly warmer there and I picked up a pan size browny on a brown nymph in the hour I fished before pulling the plug to get warm.



    There is a current road closure application for the Tumut area affecting access to some of the waterways;

    Sent: Thursday, 18 April 2013 6:36 PM
    To: <a href="][/url]
    Subject: Road closures Tumut area

    Dear all,

    Fisheries NSW has been given the opportunity to directly liaise with fishing groups that may be affected by the closure of public roads. As part of this assessment , Fisheries NSW is providing stakeholders with the location and details of the closures as they are presented to the Department.

    Please find attached details of a road closure application for your perusal. Details of landholder names and referring agencies have been removed for privacy reasons. If this email is sent to representatives of broader stakeholder groups, please forward to local stakeholders or associated branches.

    NB: this information is not privileged and is free for distribution to angler stakeholders that may be affected by the closure .

    If required anglers can lodge a submission for or against the closure directly with the referring lands office. All details for referral are in the advertisement or cluster document (PDF) including additional maps . Please note that only roads that lead to waterways or roads that may hold fishing amenity will be listed in the map links.

    ==========================>> Referenced closure below <<========================================

    References –

    Lands Reference === … sp=sharing

    Google Map link CL512312 === … fee0&msa=0

    Google Map link W390554 === … 9,0.111494

    Google Map link CL502552 === … 1,0.055747

    Check the link, if you know the area and these access points are worth saving and/or have fish let me know at <a href="][/url]




    I plan on being there tomorrow and the next few days so I hope its not an indication of things to come, but I do have a few other places I want to try as well. Did anyone have a look at the Gooba whilst there ?



    Might see you there Russ, will be there Thursday to Sunday



    Good luck David. Should be great fun with festival on.
    I see flows have increased marginally again.
    Still never caught a fish in the Tumut!!
    Need to spend more time there 🙂


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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