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    Greg, just wondering whether you have thought about offering it in e-book form? I already have a hard copy but I would also buy an electronic version if it became available in either Kindle or iBook format.


    Greg French

    Hi Barry

    As with Philip Weigall’s guidbook, the decision about which formats to publish in are made by AFN (the publisher). I’ll talk to them about it, but I can’t promise anything. Despite all the hype you read in the press, magazines like [i:s7k02ohe]FlyLife [/i:s7k02ohe]and books like mine are not all that popular in digital form. The number of hits on the [i:s7k02ohe]FlyLife [/i:s7k02ohe]e-mag is reasonably large, but a fraction of print sales. I suspect that part of the problem is that most digital formats still aspire to replicate the paper format – the [i:s7k02ohe]FlyLife [/i:s7k02ohe]e-mag even has audio to make it sound like you are turning pages – and it’s hardly an endorsement of the new medium that it tries to be exactly like the old one. I have to say that I find e-mags annoying to navigate – let’s face it, the double-A4 pages are not really supposed to be looked at on small screens. Personally, I think that an electronic guide should be designed especially for the program in which it is going to be published, not just in terms of page layout but also in terms of the way information is collated and referenced. I could do this, and quite well probably, but I doubt that I could cover my costs. It will be interesting to see how e-books evolve over the next few years.

    Cheers, and sincere thanks for your support


Viewing 2 posts - 46 through 47 (of 47 total)
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