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    well – not quite what I was thinking…
    I believe I ordered a few copies before I knew what was in them…

    Can’t wait!



    Awesome, mine just arrived. Well done Greg, it turned out even better than I anticipated. 1.4kg of freshly distilled knowledge. s:up



    FlyLife copies are in the house and Mr French is madly signing. s:up






    Looks great. So excited for Friday..



    I believe Greg is about to sign my book . s:up
    Hope it arrives soon.



    All pre-ordered copies of Greg’s book (the standard edition) were despatched yesterday.
    No news on the leather bound editions yet but please note we’ve sold all of our allocation and apparently can’t get any more.



    Got mine in the post this morning…… Excellent job Greg & co…….. Thanks also to Flylife for the excellent service, I only ordered it yesterday…..



    Yep….great job Greg and kudos to FlyLife HQ for the speedy postage!!

    I thought there was suppose to be a few good looking forumites in there……..I can only find the ugly ones!! :shock: :twisted:



    Great launch tonight. Greg likes a chat 🙂 but it’s so worth listening to.
    Really impressed with Phil’s story as well.
    Two really well spoken, knowledgable gents keeping the hordes
    hanging onto every word. 😀
    Picked up both books and added a few more to the must get soon list.
    Thanks to all involved. Really well done.
    Rick, you need to look harder :p

    Now to some reading …..



    Mine arrived this morning and I am just blown away by how good it is.

    The detailed information is incredible – is there a drop of water anywhere in Tasmania that you don’t know about Greg?

    The photos, the maps, the layout are all first class.

    I can see many hours of great reading ahead over the next few weeks and a trip to Tassie in the not-too-distant future. My addiction to New Zealand has kept me away from the Apple Isle for far too long! I now can’t wait to renew my acquaintance with the Tassie streams and lakes with Greg’s booked packed firmly in my luggage.




    still hanging out for the leather bound version Mum pre-ordered – checking the post every night in anticipation!

    stoked to see the pic of BEEVOR’s HAIRY ARM OF DOOM made the cut when having a flick through in essential last night – some great pics in there and going to be a lot of highlights reading by the brief look I had. looks magic – well done ol nut!




    I got a copy today – it’s awesome, I’m absolutely stoked. Way up there with the best $70 I have ever spent. It’s a nice familiar layout, the photos are vibrant, modern and inspiring and it just makes me want to chuck on my pack, grab my rod, tie on a dry and get out exploring.

    It is also great to hear your honest, no nonsense, heartfelt opinions about our fishery – it’s a pretty special place.

    Thanks heaps Greg and congrats on a job well done.

    The Meander looks very tasty indeed… Definitely on the ‘must fish lots’ list for this season…



    how cool is this book!!!

    i just received my new trout waters of tasmania signed edition for my birthday, purchased from the wonderful petrarchs book shop.
    i know have three in my collection after receiving my blue tassie trout waters a few years back, and then finding a tasmanian trouting where and how from 1984.

    all three of these books are awesome, and i just can’t wait to make it back to tassie to find some lovely trout water.
    thanks to greg and all his helpers for a wonderful book

    cheers again

    phil mehlert



    Going through it again last night.
    Sigh……….it’s just a really, really, really good book.
    In the end, I just want to fish all these amazing looking new places. And now I know how to get there.
    Brilliant. Again. 😀

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