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    Greg French

    Hey Charley

    I just want to let you know how much I loved ‘Trout Beats’, which I consider to be the stand-out article in the latest edition of FlyLife – no small feat in an issue chock-full of impressive articles (a special tip of the hat here to Craig Rist’s ‘Tassie Kingfish’).

    I found your story quirky and fun, and flavoured with a perfect balance of vulnerability and optimism. More please! From now on, your songs will carry extra gravitas and joy. (I’m sure that you, of all people, won’t mistake that for an oxymoron.)

    By pure coincidence, in my forthcoming book Water Colour I too have written about music and trout fishing, though the merit in my song selection is rather more literal: ‘Purple Rain’ for ant falls. ‘Changes’ during mayfly hatches. ‘No Particular Place to Go’ when I crawl out of my tent in the middle of the Western Lakes. ‘Here There and Everywhere’ when the fish in Lake Meadowbank are rising erratically to caenids. ‘Hallelujah’ when I finally catch one.

    Prince. David Bowie. Chuck Berry. George Martin. Leonard Coen. All died within a single 12-month period. Yet I find strength in the idea that our heroes’ music is immortal. My soundtrack may be more melancholic than it used to be, but it’s no worse the wear for that.

    Thanks again for your lovely sentiments, and best wishes for the future



    Thanks Greg, I had hoped the Charley May article might stimulate readers to share some of their own fishing sound tracks, beyond the obvious clichés. Reminded me a bit of Clewlow’s column and his Spice Girls fixation.
    Interestingly, on my solo day trips to the highlands I don’t listen to music on my way up. It’s more news and current affairs, serious business to get me in a serious mood…
    On the way back, however, it’s a random selection from my playlist all the way home, with tracks skipped or cranked up and sung along to depending on whether I’m celebrating a great day or trying to cheer myself up. On the road I listen to a lot of Van Morrison, Paul Kelly, Richard (and some Eric) Clapton, Archie Roach, Shane Howard, Jimmie Little, Dave Grey, Ian Moss, some Dylan of course, Leonard Cohen (though I prefer the likes of the Martha and Rufus Wainwright singing his songs), Sam Smith, Steve Smyth, Roger Waters, Rene Geyer and KD Lang (‘Hymns of the 42nd Parallel’ is a favourite with some memorable Neil Young tracks). Brian Kennedy features (he sings Van Morrison better than Van) and even Adele!
    Boring? Never! I have so many tracks on there it’s always a pleasant trip down memory lane…
    Is anyone else into Beth Heart (sorry ‘Hart’) :woohoo: and Joe Bonamassa? YouTube some of her early stuff, like ‘Whole Lotta Love’!



    BTW, Charley did include a link to her Playlist on Spotify for those keen to listen, but it was a bit lengthy to include in the mag text. Not sure if it will work but here is the link:


    quote flylife” post=323743:

    Thanks Greg, I had hoped the Charley May article might stimulate readers to share some of their own fishing sound tracks, beyond the obvious clichés. Reminded me a bit of Clewlow’s column and his Spice Girls fixation.

    Happy to share my 2 ‘fishing’ playlists, you’ll need Spotify to play/stream. Maybe I’ll need to add some Spice Girls to the list…

    Songs To Fly Fish To –
    A bit more upbeat and a mix of everything

    Fish & Chill –
    Acoustic and chilled out.



    Beth Hart? Yes please, also enjoying some Susan Tedeschi both early stuff and her later collaborations with her hubby Derek Trucks. Paul Kelly gets a lot of airplay ~ have been playing some Apple Music – the A list blues playlist and also Blues playlist



    Yes, sorry ‘Hart’, and I thought Bonamassa was hard to spell.


    mitch aka 2 fish

    you can do what you want with secret fishing spots but bonamassa should have never be revealed to such a wide forum.

    shame on you.
    some things are just too good for the general public.


    ps. just got paid



    Shawn Mitchell gifted/left with me with the Best of the Eagles when I was living in NZ.

    I think he felt sorry for me when I told I would drive the Wellington to Turangi trip(4 hours) in silence….

    Well the Eagles was the only CD in the car for my last year in NZ – needless to say I have become familiar with the lyrics

    Ironically in my early fishing years – I would play the ‘A River Somewhere’ bonus CD quite a bit. So relaxing!



    Great choices Tocs “Until Hell Freezes Over” a firm favourite as is ARS Soundtrack. A bit of Simon & Garfunkel, Creedence, and Hot August Night and all is good.



    Metallica, Slayer, Bolt Thrower and Morbid Angel. No particular order…….



    Agree on Bonamassa’s version of “Just got Paid” – Live at the Albert Hall is a highly stylised masterpiece. You won’t get a better intro..


    Hey Greg,
    Thank you so much for your supportive words – glad you enjoyed the feature.

    If anyone is interested in listening to them then check ’em out here:

    I’ll hopefully put pen to paper again soon.

    I’m headed to the VFA Talk Trout Conference so I look forward to meeting you in person there.
    All the best,
    Charley May.


    mitch aka 2 fish

    for those on a canuckian kick I’ve a six stack of neil young, gordon lightfoot, the guess who, bto, steppenwolf and rush.
    six hours of tree hugging and apologising.

    “there is a town in north ontario… where your buddy mitch is from…”

    disclaimer: south, really. but nobody ever sings aboot stoney creek, eh.



    Daniel Lanois?


    mitch aka 2 fish


    all right… all right… just let me get my coat.


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