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    Hey folks


    can anybody please tell me the season for fishing spawning the Tongariro and nearby rivers please? I am assuming it is over the winter months but would like to know ‘best’ times of year to fish (understanding that rainfall has a lot to do with it too).


    many thanx



    Now until end of August



    Best month to fish the Tongariro is August IMO




    Anytime from now until the end of October, and if you can hit it during or after rain, its superb. If you read the reports on you will see pictures of fat fish posted most days.

    I favour early spring as its a bit warmer, plus if its low and hasn’t seen any rain, fish start to rise to mayfly’s sailing past.


    Andrew Harding

    Without a doubt, if it’s numbers you are after, now is NOT the time! there has been a gradual shift to later spawning over the years and now it August – October is the peak time, however, November can be sensational with mending fish and no anglers about as they have all buggered off to the back country! If you only did one trip, I would do it in September/October.


    mitch aka 2 fish

    all red herrings… go in january.





    Awesome , thanx so much for your responses. Andrew, you put me onto a great stream   a few years back so will make a point to try to get  there late august or september,  assuming one can get across the ditch with ever changing travel restrictions.



    I think that Andrew Harding has nailed it. If I had to select one time to fish the Tongariro (without having the luxury of going at short notice when I heard good reports), then it would be late September.

    The one thing I would add is that most of the replies here are focused on rainbow trout. Browns in the Tongariro tend to to spawn February-April and there are some thumpers in the river at that time.

    Good luck


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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