Talking Tactics To Flick or Not To Flick

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    May I just add…

    Please refrain from posting about your recent “fishing” experiences during this crisis.

    By all means, go fishing if you’re OK with it, but don’t post about it.

    I personally know many of you and I know your intentions are pure, but unfortunately it reads “Look at what I just got away with”. This is not a message we want to be sending right now. It makes the individual look bad as well as the Fly Fishing community.

    Maybe do a trip report from “the good old days” instead

    Cheers (again) Rob



    Made a small edit, maybe it reads better.



    We are on 50 acres and work from home so we are picking grapes, making wine, drying sultanas, planting vegies, gathering mushrooms and eyeing off the rabbits, wallabies and sheep in our fields. So the big trout in the river I’ve been feeding hoppers in recent weeks will be very much a last resort. But we are missing the grandchildren.😔



    We are  . . . eyeing off the rabbits, wallabies and sheep in our fields. So the big trout . . . will be very much a last resort.

    I get the rabbits, the sheep and the trout, Flylife, but (eating) wallabies too?


    Minding my macropods, Mitta



    Mate, it is lovely lean meat, perfect for bacon burgers, roasted hind quarters, and all-in stews. Just the little fat pademelons, not well hung Bennetts. Possum and native hens are off the list but there is the odd deer if I poach across the river.



    If there isn’t a rush on fly tying gear to match the toilet roll and veg seedling debacles I will be amazed! If you are locked up for a few months you can tie enough flies for years to come.



    Maybe it will even reinvigorate a 20-year-old fly fishing forum! I’ve made 4 posts in 10 minutes so I don’t have to listen to another news report!



    Maybe it will even reinvigorate a 20-year-old fly fishing forum! I’ve made 4 posts in 10 minutes so I don’t have to listen to another news report!

    That has to be good.  Then again you are lucky, working from home you can plan the next 100 FL’s 👍



    When I mentioned a bolt for the bush I most certainly wasnt talking about a nice day trip…. I am one of those folks right on the front line with no hope whatsoever of maintaining any pretext of social distancing. The only thing keeping me at work, is faith in some damn tight protocols, the willingness to gamble just a little bit and understanding the real and genuine needs of those being supported. The whole thing just sucks…

    The hardest call is whether to voluntarily  isolate from grandchildren or ancient in-laws. Cant do both. That sucks too. I didnt enjoy having to lock down the club shacks either by the way.

    Excuse my venting… Thanks Mitta for the chance….tell you what El Matejo… tie me up some Rainbow Warriors as small as you can manage., that will keep you out of trouble.




    Hey Jason where are ya?  I’ve made the rolls, but you’re not here yet.  Jas…..Jas?





    Jason King

    Ha….I would Travel 150k’s for toilet rolls Gary….but not bread rolls….as nice as your bread rolls are.😂




    Just posted on Facebook by Anglers Alliance Tasmania:

    The Tasmanian Government has determined that our community should limit unnecessary travel during the COVID-19 pandemic therefore all National Parks and reserved land managed by Parks and Wildlife Service is closed to public access until further notice.

    This means that NO FISHING can occur on this land from midnight Thursday 26 March 2020.

    This includes NO FISHING ACCESS to the following:

    Brushy Lagoon Conservation Area
    Central Plateau Conservation Area (includes the Western Lakes and Nineteen Lagoons)
    Cameron Regional Reserve
    Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park
    Franklin – Gordon Wild Rivers National Park (Lake Pedder, Lake Gordon)
    Great Lake Conservation Area
    Mt Field National Park
    Tooms Lake Conservation Area
    Walls of Jerusalem Nation Park (includes the Western Lakes)
    Waterhouse Conservation Area (Blackmans Lagoon)
    If you require any further information, please email [email protected] or telephone 1300 463 474

    More information on this and Covid-19 is available from the following web sites:

    Please stay safe

    Jen Cramer
    Executive Assistant
    Inland Fisheries Service



    I’m still going out on my own fly-fishing for carp, and riding my mountain bike.  Don’t come within 500m of another soul.



    Yesterday, for the first time in the last 10 days, I had to pop into work briefly.

    Work is on the Bellarine Peninsular and I drive past a popular surf beach on my way.

    Every single Car Park was packed… everyone was obviously “self-isolating”.

    Later that day I had a dentist appointment.

    I have the best dentist on the planet and was informed that they were instructed to shut up shop to all but emergency procedures… wow!

    So dentists with the strictest of hygiene practices are told to close, but beaches are open to the masses.

    This all makes perfect sense.



    Councils are closing beaches, as soon as it happens.

    Unfortunately most of those people yesterday  at St Kilda beach were tourists or more specific backpackers.

    So what do you do with young people stuck here,with nothing to do and clearly not caring about others.

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