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    Hi there one and all.

    This maybe a dumb question, but that never stopped me asking.


    with nylon or fluorocarbon should i be able to snap a length, 18 inch’s of 4 X with my bare hands??? And no I don’t hit gym every day. average size guy.

    Q2 any recommend brands?????

    Any help would be great!




    A1.  No

    A2.  Scientific Angler Absolute………I used this last season and was really impressed especially in NZ on bigger fish in fast water. Both mono and fluoro are great.



    Sounds like you have an old tippet spool.  They don’t last forever, specially if exposed to sunlight.

    I use Stroft and Trouthunter tippets, both very good.



    A1. Definitely no as per the first response. It sounds like your spool of tippet might not have been stored correctly as it deteriorates when exposed to sunlight (UV rays). EDIT: At the start of each season, always check your old tippet spools by doing a “break” test and replace as necessary.

    A2. Scientific Angler, Maxima, Rio all good (I prefer Maxima). You will eventually find your own preference.

    The best tip I can give is to buy from more popular tackle stores which have a higher turnover of the spools and less likely to suffer deterioration while on display. Often small convenience stores near our fishing destinations think they are doing the right thing for us by having a small stock of tippet spools which they prominently display in bright sunlight near the door.



    If in doubt throw it out.  You have got to have faith in your stuff. Especially tippet and hooks.

    Another vote for SA absolute trout. Their 4x is 7.4 lb.


    Chris Beech

    Another vote for SA Absolute.

    And a big vomit for Trouthunter



    Nah, its one reason I steer clear of “gate” tippet dispensers. I like to keep tippet in internal pockets away from the UV.  I buy my Maxima in 200 metre boxed spools and transfer to wee tippet spools as needed. Tried other brands but always end up back with the Max.



    What micmac says about keeping tippet in your pocket out of the sun. And I’m a fan of Stroft tippet material which I have always (the past twenty years anyway ) teamed up with Maxima leaders.



    Some good advice here.Nylon monofilament deteriorates over time and this is exacerbated if it’s exposed to sunlight.It also absorbs water.Fluorocarbon has neither of these properties but doesn’t stretch like Nylon,and this may or may not be advantageous to your fishing circumstances.”Mono” can have a clear advantage in fresh water as it floats, due to it’s lesser density than fluoro.Horses for courses as they say…ditch that old stuff.




    cheers people one and all, will hit the fly shop and get some new stuff!!!!!!!

    thanks for the advice……….


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