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    Stephen Hill

    A wonderful demonstration of the value I find in this magazine was the back to back articles from Simon and Jakub.  Simon has helped clear up some of my confusion around the pros and cons of mono and fluoro with some clear but detailed info.  Not just the hows and the whys, but he nails it with his penultimate paragraph, “Most importantly, I should learn to tie excellent knots, seat them properly and ensure my flies are tied on good hooks. I should also retie my knots and change tippets after protracted battles with fish or flora.”

    So obvious, but still, hindsight bites so often.


    My tippet, material and usage of, is probably the least considered when I set up and fish.  What have I got? How thick is it? Go! To my loss, many times. Simon’s words will now become a part of my mantra as I try to remedy my past heartbreaks. Ah, so many heartbreaks.

    Speaking of heartbreak, Jakub’s insanely cute pictorial is the Yang to Simon’s Yin.  Light on the technical, but just as important in reflection.  My goodness, those photos! What precious memories are being forged.

    Well done FlyLife guys on getting all the bases covered in such an effective way. Well done on great articles Simon and Jakub.

    Then Chris (because I just bought a float tube), then Jack (because I had no idea), then Garry (because Tenkara) …………………………………….. so good.





    Heartening feedback, thanks Stephen. Deciding on the final content mix is always tricky, but I do love to see those fresh faces and fresh takes on fly fishing. Right now I have enough articles in hand to fill two or three mags but something will still come along and remind me why I love doing what I do.👍

    You fishing for a bottle of Killara gin, Stephen?


    Stephen Hill

    Haha. Nope. That stuff is wasted on me. Maybe being able to enjoy the articles over an unusually leisurely Friday breakfast helped trigger my keyboard, but credit where it’s due I guess. Who’d be an editor? 😀






    You fishing for a bottle of Killara gin, Stephen?

    There is polish, calmness and confidence you exude through that steady hand of yours at the editing keyboard. I always enjoy your work.


    But I am 🙂




    mitch aka 2 fish



    it writes itself,


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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