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    Started working on this after my recent visit to Tasmania in February/March 2021.

    This Gorge of the Ouse we drove past on the way to Little Pine has always been on my mind since my first visit there in 1976. Finally got around to painting it .

    Still a way to go.

    Oil on canvas 120 cm x 62 cm.



    Before reading your text I had the Ouse below the bridge on the drive to Little Pine as the scene. Really captures something magical about that landscape. Didn’t realise you’d been over recently. Feb didn’t fully live up to my expectation, but March has been one to remember.



    That is going to be a ripper Jeff. It already has good bones.

    March has certainly been quite a month for sure. I think I am up to well over 2 dozen different rivers and tribs since Xmas and March has been outstanding on all the rivers I have waded. Sorry we didnt have a chance to catch up this year Jeff, Busy doesnt even come close to describing reality this year.

    Cheers mate, just paint your way through this lockdown, hopefully it will be as short as planned…Jimmy



    Thanks for the comments Rob and Jimmy always welcome to have some positive feedback. Started on the foreground with flowering Kerosene Bush and more rocks. Just blocked in large areas of colour now have to wait until the oil paint hardens. Still plenty of others to work on in the interim.7003D3C2-47C4-4B03-B38C-B86D7BE247A3



    A little further on,got those foreground rocks happening and the Kerosene Bush .7A2CA79A-08A5-4036-BC65-F08C2C64C516



    Still working on the rocks and foreground.Screen-Shot-2021-04-05-at-8.06.37-am


    Stephen Hill

    Coming along so well Jeff. 🙂


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