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    Great photos Dave, keep them coming, and I like the look of that stonefly pattern.
    We catch a few escapee Atlantics in the Goulburn and Rubicon Rivers, most of them on dries like the Royal Wulff. They are great fun to catch but I’m not sure if they do the resident fish much good. After they escape from the fish farms they unfortunately seem to lose condition quite quickly.
    Cheers, Ron.


    Tyenna Dave

    Cheers Ron !
    The ol stone fly definately has its place in the box πŸ˜€
    It was also the first time that i have seen an Atlantic take a dry though i have caught many on the nymph in the local river .
    Stocking here has seen the decline of a few local lakes ,Atlantics seem to be very aggressive when they settle in to finding natural feed though it also seems that some never learn and lose condition quite quickly .I hope that not to many settle into the mighty Goulburn !
    Lets hope the Brady’s Chain recovers now the stocking has stopped ,poor old Meadowbank will still be receiving Atlantics which is a shame for the local trout anglers as it held many a trophy fish not to long ago :?
    I guess some anglers do enjoy the good ol stocky and you can never keep every joe blow happy :whatever
    I think that was my rant for the week :lol:
    Cheers mate ,
    Dave …


    Tyenna Dave

    It has been tough fishing in the past few weeks with the low water only flowing at around 70+mgl/d .
    Still there has been some good fishing on the dry and lightly weighted nymphs for those willing to slow down and tread quietly .
    The #16-18 possum f-flies were the stand out in immitating the tiny caddis of late ,the fish really slurp them down when most other offerings are being rejected .
    An F-fly capture on the “T” …
    Strike !

    Fish on …

    Time for some more air !

    A little hang time for style points …

    A score of 7 for the landing …

    Theres fighting fish in them there waters !

    There has been a few good battles in the low water with me being done in a couple of times in the shallow and exposed logs .
    This fella almost won his freedom early with his antics …

    I have just purchased myself a new camera and the pics are looking like it was worth the coin .
    I dragged it out for a quick run above town and headed for the twig water with the 6′ Colton/Orvis combo .
    The learning curve in switching to a manual style camera is daunting but it seems to be going ok for a first practice run .The auto settings are easy to use which is also a bonus .
    The first fishy pic …

    A cropped shot taken from the pic above, its amazing on how far you can zoom in even though i should have been more in focus on the subject :whatever

    The first rod pic …

    The first sunset shot taken from the backyard …

    I’m preying that the showers today have given the river some kind of rise in levels ,it sure needs it !
    Dave …



    Great reports and pictures Dave 8-)



    Envious as hell, dave. 8-)

    …..via tapatalk.


    Tyenna Dave

    Cheers Scottie ,i appreciate the reply and always enjoy sharing the pics :!:
    And its all just an optical illusion Ofuros πŸ˜‰
    The South West is actually quite horrible and the fishing very slow :whatever
    ….via tyennatalk (i was feeling left out) s:up
    Dave …



    hi dave in 15 days i will be down in your area from the south coast nsw for 9 days and if i can just catch 1 fish that looks like any you get i will be a very happy man .love the picture of the rod on the log


    Tyenna Dave

    Cheers FF !
    The rod shot on the log is only lacking a fish in the frame πŸ˜€
    Where are you heading on your travels ??
    The wider rivers seem to be fishing the best ATM πŸ˜‰
    Good luck ,
    Dave …



    probably base at arthurs lake and go from there to tyeenna,brumbies, to start with and who knows where after that. any pionters would be good as we have never been to tassie before


    Tyenna Dave

    The Mersey would be a good start aswell as Brumbies FF .
    With a little more water the Tyenna and similar sized streams will fish well also ,if we are still lacking in rainfall the evening rises should entertain as they have done on the Tyenna the last couple of weeks s:up
    Don’t be afraid to run a long 4′ dropper to a tungsten nymph in the deeper flowing water πŸ˜‰
    Good luck and safe travels !
    Dave …



    thanks for the advice .15 days to go but who’s counting ? I looking forward to the trip.where on the mersey would you recommend we start our flyfish adventure πŸ˜€


    Tyenna Dave

    PM sent FF :arrow:
    Dave …


    Tyenna Dave

    With the season now nearing an end i thought it best to hit up some local Tyenna waters with the fly rod .The fishing has been patchy but entertaining with a little more flow and fish willing to take in the now cooler water .
    With enough water to Czech nymph i went with the flow and hit the deeper flowing gutters with the usual #14 stone flies and #16 caddis nymphs .
    Plenty of takes with the stone fly in some pools where others seemed absolutely void of fish …

    I’m definately spooking less fish with the inline indicator πŸ˜€

    Another stone fly victim …

    The local stone flies are big suckers !!!

    The locals kept interupting and dredging up the bottom as usual …

    The pools that produce the good stone fly hatches seem to harbour the better fish …

    This fish was not sighted but caught down deep on the trailing #16 caddis nymph .Funny how he missed the bigger fly and ate the smaller one ? Stoked with the outcome with one last good fish on the fly for the season πŸ˜€

    All fish were of course released and tattooed with your name s:up :rofl
    Dave …



    Ill miss the reports during the closed season. 😐




    Tyenna Dave

    Yep i reckon we will all miss the numerous reports in the closed season Ben :cry:
    I’m still waiting for another Gettin Twiigy report before its all over s:up
    Dave …

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