Talking Tactics The downstream 5x boogie blues

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    Fishing a small stream named the Minnow on a bright,  sunny and windy day can have its challenges. A couple of refusals had me backing off on fly size and a couple more had the 5x making a showing. Then things started to happen just right and all was good and beautiful. Certain individuals even began to believe they were actually accomplished and experienced fishermen.

    But then…. on a tight and deep and fast corner a fish which honestly had no business residing in a place like that, took down that klinkhammer with the flash of a golden flank of such dimensions that it immediately set off all sorts of alarm bells. It was one of those classic Whiskey Tango Foxtrot moments.

    Being rigged with a wee 3wt glassie twig gave  the 5x some faint hope, but the fish bolted for the Dasher and probably the main channel of the Mersey from whence he probably came some weeks ago. So away we went.

    Now Brad Pitt did a pretty good job on a downstream mission decades ago, and we all know those cool dancing moves the lads do in NZ all the time. It makes for good film footage, but it gives this fisherman the horrors just thinking about the conversation with his particularly bad tempered orthopedic surgeon, should things go wrong. But… the fish was still attached and the hunter instinct had kicked in big time.

    It lasted maybe 6 metres. There is very little gravel or base in the Minnow and the boulder strewn run was just a tragedy waiting to happen. Now, I thought my pinball show in the boulders of the Thredbo at a Gathering some years back was pretty grim, but this one….  well… lets just say nothing is broken and leave it at that.

    But I did hold the rod high all the way…. Jimmy


    mitch aka 2 fish

    photos or it didn’t happen…



    let me tell you about this one time on the kispiox where I was reeling in, whilst making my speech… and cashing my cheque at the same time…



    Short Cast material there I reckon?? if anyone reads those ‘Old Men’s Pages’ these days…
    I used to fish the Dasher, Coiler, Don and other small streams around Devonport as a kid. Mainly worm and float, and the odd hopper.



    Bruised ego’s are understandably and notoriously difficult to photograph. They just wont stand still long enough for a decent shot. Broken tippet is easy enough but fairly uninspiring….There are no photos.

    Thankful for a small mercy…Jimmy



    I would have just reeled him in and saved a lot of bother!


    Ps: Mitch has no photographs.


    Stephen Hill

    I always turn to the Short Casts first. You’re never sure what you’ll discover.

    I guess it may be another indicator of the pages of time turning too quickly in my neck of the woods.

    A cracking tale Jimmy. I can almost hear the heart racing as I read it. I certainly heard the words as realisation became the reality.

    I fish the Minnow semi-regularly. It just has a “feel” about it and in some of those pools, beasts lurk beneath.



    I’d be willing to wager you are already planning another sortie just in case he has snuck back into that same dark fast corner.



    Every year I fish the list gets longer. Last season it was the monster in the Little Pine River up behind Fergus  doing three point turns in and out of his little corner every time I tried to get him to show any interest whatsoever in any fly. Bastard gave me a filthy look every lap.

    I am thinking there must be some deep and meaningful psychological imperative that makes these lost legends stick in ones braincells far more than any trout ever landed.

    Yep… he is on my list right enough.




    Ah yes it’s a long list and it grows almost as quickly as the dimensions of those lost leviathans.

    Its fortunate that trout don’t live longer or I’d never get to fish new water.



    New waters… now there is a dead serious and lifelong addiction.

    Personally I have Mother to thank for that particular obsession. The woman was incurable and had a freakin long stride!

    I drove over the next target last Sunday morning about 0500. Snow grass and snake bends heading up into a blind               re-entrant geographical feature. Limestone….

    No grid refs… Jimmy

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