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    It has been way too long between fishing trips and I’m keen to get over to Tassie to chase some tailing trout, preferably walking out in the Western lakes to find some.

    What time of year would be ideal? I am thinking maybe October? Is that too late or too early?





    Great subject. I got my pfizer shot, bought my fishing licence and will be heading down to Tassie mid November.  Sort of hoping for early morning tailing trout and mayfly hatches during the day.

    I guess it will be dependent on the weather as always what fishing will be like.



    Hey Warnsey,

    Early season on cloudy miserable days have always worked best for me, both for Tailers and fish foraging in the shallows. Lakes that have freshly flooded shallows usually work best.

    They will exit the shallows if the sun comes out, which is when I switch to polaroiding… win win.

    I’m hoping to get over early December.

    Rule #1 – Take me!




    I’ll find tailers throughout most of the year, especially during dawn patrol.  It depends on the lake, time of day, time of year and weather.  From about now to October-November I’ll usually find them late evening in flooded backwaters, channels, marshes chasing frogs, tadpoles, galaxiids, nymphs.  On a dull overcast day I may find them tailing throughout the day.  High summer hot days tends to drive the fish out of the shallows because of the high water temperature and reduced oxygen tension, although I’ll still find the occasional fish during dawn patrol.  It’s the usual case of being at the right place at the right time.  One day they are tailing; same conditions the next day, they are not.  You just have to be prepared to change and adapt according to the day.



    In my limited experience of tassie tailers dawn patrol was prime and it was always amazing to see the the number of cruising bow waves of fish returning to deeper water as the sun gets up. Fish can sneak about in very skinny water without showing a fin. Totally engrossing and enthralling fishing and well worth setting the alarm and stumbling around.



    Just love chasing tailers!




    I reckon I owe Warnsey a couple decent marches at the very least.

    Not to mention cheap accomodation.

    You boys know the drill, I aint too hard to find and summer is on the way.





    If you make it in October Warnsey. I might see you over there. I’ll be on the ferry on Oct 18th. Staying there till mid December. Mainly fishing the High country……Scotty.



    October thru December is good for tailers up top. Best out West after rain starts flooding the lagoons and backwaters. Search the edges, ditches and drains, and look for tails in the wind, rain, snow and sleet. You can sleep in a bit if it’s cold and icy but the fish will start moving as the day warms up.😎



    Thanks all sounds like I’ve got my timing somewhat right, although maybe late October could be slightly better to be sure that the road out to the Western lakes is open. Sounds like there might be a few people keen for a fish as well, so i’ll be sure to follow up here on my plans as they form and seek some tips on flys and tactics (although Rob and others have given a few  tips to start with).

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