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    Hi all,

    I am heading back over from the UK at the beginning of September for 3 weeks in Victoria and 5 days in Tassie and am of course looking to have a few days fishing. I am certainly aware that even this far in advance there is no way of predicting what the weather or water-levels will be so just looking for some general thoughts please.

    So in Tassie, I will be down in Hobart and hopefully will manage a day on the Tyenna, but I will also be up in the Launceston area and am really looking for a day French nymphing. I suppose my perfect river would be relatively easy wading, but more than happy for some miles to be put in, and something with a good number of fish. I’m not too worried about trophy fish and honestly don’t mind if they are all nice feisty 12" brownies or smaller. I just want a nice day where I can "hopefully" read the river, find a few fish using what is a normal French nymphing setup in the UK, something like a 9′ #3 rod which I will bring over. I will have a car so anything stand out that is likely to hit these criteria please, floods permitting?

    In Victoria, I would love to go back up to Bright but fear the snow melt may make the creeks unfishable so thinking a lake near to Kyneton would be a better bet. I do a lot of stalking or polaroiding in the UK but I haven’t fished this area before so wondering which lakes are a good bet to try out at present.

    Anyone coming over the UK who needs a good day out nymphing on one of the Hampshire chalkstreams, especially in the winter for our grayling, feel free to give me a shout, but thanks in advance for any tips on the above.




    I will suggest the St Pat’s river near Launceston. Lots of small fish, but a great river to wade and french nymph. Other possibilities are the North Esk and Meander — I prefer the Meander further upstream. See the Inland Fisheries web site for access maps for the Meander. The advantage of the Meander is that if it is flooded, you can go to Hunstman (the dam at the headwaters) for some lake fishing.

    Nick šŸ™‚



    +1 Couldn’t go past the St. Patricks River up north for a flick.
    Just to add to Nick’s post.
    My fav access point is about 200m downstream of the Corkery’s road bridge, then wade up as far as you like. All smaller fish, browns generally but I have caught the odd rainbow in that section.
    There is also an okay access point at the bridge on the main road to Scottsdale, just up from the corkery’s road turnoff – park about 150m up on the right, then walk back to the bridge. There’s a small house there and off their parking/turning circle there are some steps to the river. I always start fishing about 200m upstream from the bridge, but it’s nice wading through there. Maybe in September you might need to use the bank a bit more though.
    You’ll catch them on dries if it’s relatively clear water.

    Can’t say I’ve ever done a French Nympho before….

    PM me if you’d like some more info mate.



    September is early for many of the Vic streams, (season opens Sept 5) so you might want to try the Goulburn around Thornton, as it is a tailrace. That time of year it should be low and hopefully clear. It is a large river and suitable for most forms of fishing.
    The lakes around Kyneton are not that great for polaroiding. We might see a beetle or midge hatch but more likely to be flogging wets in September – though smelters maybe about. You may see them chasing baitfish close inshore. Newlyns, Hepburn and Tullaroop might also come on at that time but again polaroiding is limited compared to what you get on Tassie lakes.



    Bright and surrounds will have a few options even right at the start of the season but its not a high percentage play going there at this time ; look at the very very small creeks of which there are many ,and if there hasn’t been rainfall even the larger creeks whose catchment doesn’t have snow (i.e the headwater hills are less than 1000m) may be ok , but its unlikely any named rivers will be ready excepting perhaps the tailwaters (King and Buffalo).
    If you get flooded out at Bright still have a look at the Pondage at Mt Beauty and even Catani on Buffalo both of which have great water clarity.
    All the Victorian central highland lakes should be great by then too , too many to name ,but Newlyn , Hepburn and Wendouree are very popular for good reason .Have a look at Phil Weigalls book for more details and waters especially re these lakes.



    Thanks for all the info folks and to those who PM’d me as well, that is really helpful and kind of everyone. I had heard of / read reports on the St. Pat’s so it was one on my list but having access point details is a major plus. You are so lucky with all the choice in Tassie but for an outsider it is actually quite daunting with all the options and so much info about. Really looking forward to the trip as it’s been a couple of years since we were last over, and probably 3 or 4 years since I fished the Morses Creek in Bright.

    Cheers again,

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