Talking Tactics Surviving the Storm, Fishing Clubs and the Future

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    I owe you a beer Shawry. Make sure you collect on the deal…

    Sure enough, there it was, a charming bit of actuarial maneuvering on about page 15 of a damned expensive insurance policy. Except we only get 90 days before all bets are off regarding damage…unless it is a meteorite or a lightening strike. I am not being flippant here, they actually used the word…Meteorite.  Foxtrot Foxtrot Sierra

    So it looks like somebody gets a trip up top for some essential maintenance, annotating the logbook, and getting a photo op?  Wouldn’t that make an interesting conversation with the local coppers…

    I can feel an overly aggressive phone call coming on.



    I suggest you contact your insurance company and ask for an extension of the three month period Jimmy. I believe Devonport was able to get it extended to 6 months. In addition, you are allowed to travel to a shack to carry out essential maintenance; won’t you have a possible ruptured water pipe at your tank outlet in 3-4 months time (it is winter after all)? Edit: just need to make sure the visit is recorded in an executive minute (or similar).


    mitch aka 2 fish

    if I need to see someone I have the person send me an email for a quotation for building works.

    tonight I’m going to see a mate who happens to want a quote on his birthday. strange, I know…



    john smith



    Used Zoom tonight for executive meeting then started another session for the general meeting.

    Seemed to work pretty smoothly. Sessions are limited to 40mins as stated above but for a small licence fee they can be long enough. Up to 100 participants allowed which is way more than our club needs. You can have a pass code on the meeting to stop random participants hijacking the meeting. As the mediator you can remove a participant if you need to.

    With some members not tech Savy it was still a relatively easy process. Might be better options out there, but it worked for us.



    Been running Skype and Microsoft team dial in meetings at work

    I prefer the skype meetings  for ease of connecting everyone but it hasn’t been with video only audio though there may be that function

    The Microsoft teams dial ins are cool as you can have multiple people in on the call and  it displays 4 people on the screen that every one views but once you start talking your video enables and everyone sees the person who is talking

    I’m new to all this also as up until now our meetings were face to face

    Changing times of interaction thats for sure



    Microsoft Teams needs everyone to have a Microsoft account, which some including me do not.

    Zoom works the same way but I would recommend a passcode for meetings.



    Jimmy, came across this reference to an Act of Parliament re the current situation. It refers to a meeting of the New Norfolk council but the Act might resolve your issues in that it might over-ride any constitutional issues you are confronted with!

    One of Mr Richardson’s first tasks was to certify the agenda documents for the monthly council meeting to be held this Thursday. He noted that the meeting would be held by “telephone or other electronic means” in accordance with the COVID-19 Disease Emergency (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2020.”



    Thanks for the heads up Barry… I would just love to say this has sorted the problems for clubs but a quick (kinda)read of the legislation reveals it to be shor(ish)t term measures to enable Govt functions to continue, hence its appearance in relation to a local govt activity. It doesnt refer at all to the Incorporation of Associations Act unfortunately.

    We are almost ready to fire up  our skype committee meeting so that will help, but only so far. It is the AGM and the possible need to tweak some constitutional details in order to manage finances and good corporate governance, that still have me cornered. It is still very much a work in progress.

    Completely open and transparent modes of operation, together with extensive consultation with the members is about the only clear direction of travel at this stage. Still waiting for some advise from the Corporate Affairs crew…

    Nice try Barry, and much appreciated… Regards..Jimmy

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