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    Great article by Graham Hosie. My fly tying ability is up there (down there?🥴) with my cooking ability so I love “recipes” with minimal materials/ingredients (steak, eggs & chips etc).

    Not only do the patterns provided by Graham meet this requirement, they look extremely effective! Time to clear the crap off my computer desk and set up my fly tying gear!👍🏻



    Great to see Dr Graham with his first feature in FlyLife. I reckon it came up really well.👍



    Thanks Barry.  I was very pleased with the final product. Writing the text was relatively straightforward, with much thanks to Richard Krimmer, Rob and Leighton for their encouragement, but the final layout and photos by the FlyLife team Leighton, Marcus and David are just outstanding.  There are plenty of simple flies to explore, many within the texts of Rob and Tony Sloane, e.g. The Fiery Brown Beetle, The Grey Sedge.  I’ve tied the King Julien as small as size 18 and taken trout in Japan feeding on midges, and tiny mayfly.  The simplest black spinner is just a black version of the Simply Red.  It’s all a matter of the right size and shape, then maybe colour, and of course the semblance of something worth eating.  I now carry less flies with me, less clutter in the vest, and I’m catching more fish.  Cheers, Gra.



    Any fly called King Julien, Mort or Maurice is going to find space in my box. Just those colours in a range of sizes and there is a twig-water box done.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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