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    ‘Midnights Revenge” is a versatile fly catching Saratoga, Bass and Murray Cod, It has a great wiggle in the tail.
    Currently using Racoon tail but will be tying a version with Dragon tails in AllBlack and Chartruese.
    Borumba Togas will be on the chew as well as the big Borumba Bass. This is the fly for you if you are planning chasing these types of fish.

    Tied on a 1/0 TMC 600SP hook, one of my favourite hooks for these fish.

    Order online @ http://www.freshandsaltwaterflydesigns-australia.com.au




    Put yourself in the picture.

    This is a good example of what to expect when you fish for these freshwater fighting fish.

    This one is just an average size they grow to over a metre.



    New Pattern in the “Midnight Revenge”. Dragon Tail in all black with 60 lb tail loop and a black rabbit zonka skirt.
    TMC 600 SP 1/0. 180mm long.
    Toga Special for Borumba and I would say that this pattern would catch it’s fair share of Murray Cod.
    Who can resist that wiggle in the tail.



    Tie the fly one day and catch a cracker with it the next…..



    Jeff, what do you mean when you say “60lb tail loop” ?




    Hello Thommo the tail loop prevents tail wrap of a long Zonka tail or Dragons tail. I do a few wraps around the mono as well. 60 lb mono is strong enough to not sag and hold the tail up. I was casting the bigger fly ok with an 8 wt. Far enough to target toga swirls.
    The long Dragon tail is 160 mm.
    Having watched the fly swim they would be absolutely deadly on Cod.

    I did not read the instructions on the Dragon tail packet so they were not finished properly. I will try some products on them to make it more durable. Scotchgard may help with water retention just trial and error now. The action is great for bigger fish and the overall lengthy tail is a big attraction. The toga I caught was a big fish.

    A definite Saratoga fly.



    Plenty of Cod Flies available from $15.00 each.

    Deer Hair Surface Fly 2/0 Partridge Predator

    Plenty more to chose from.

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