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    SCIERRA XDA 8weight 9foot 6inch 3 piece Rod freshwater build, but has been used in estuaries $125.00
    SCIERRA ‘Pico’ 5weight 8foot 3 piece Rod beautiful light dry fly rod $185.00 Posted.
    C & F Large WP Blue fly box with 70 Flies Clousers & Candies all Gamakatsu hooks box marked ‘Tuna’ $250.00 Posted.
    C & F Large WP Blue fly box with 66 Flies Clousers varying colours Gamakatsu hooks box marked ‘Clousers’ $250.00 Posted.
    C & F large WP Blue fly box with 37 Flies various Toads & Bunnies box marked ‘Barra’ $175.00 Posted.
    Stalker Guide Series Black G3 Saltwater Fly Reel + Spare spool 8weight, with intermediate and floating lines and neoprene pouch, back up gear hardly used. $125.00 Posted.
    SIMMS Headwater Wading Boots Vibram soles with studs Size: US13 Older boots used for 2 NZ trips only great condition $225.00 Posted.

    Photos of all items are available if your genuinely interested Steve 0418 535827. All items will be postedvia AusPost immediately payments are made. Thanks.




    Somewhat confused as my post has seemed to disappeared, and I can only find above, that topic is marked as Spam???

    Con someone Moderator please explain what is going on??



    We understand this can be confusing and frustrating.

    Please be considerate of our moderators Steve. They are voluntary and the classifieds are provided as a free service to the fly community.

    Occasionally our automated Spam filter, which blocks out a lot of junk as you can imagine, flags a legitimate post incorrectly. The spam list is checked periodically.
    In this case there was some HTML in your original post <article></article>, perhaps it was copied from somewhere else, and this may have been what triggered it.

    Your post should be restored now.



    Thanks, little frustrating when not notified that was all. Ta



    are both the RPL and RPL+ still available – email me [email protected] thanks

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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