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    hey folks,


    i have a pair of RW guide boots that are coming apart after only one trip out and a RW jacket less than a year old that the glue on the seam tape has completely come apart on every seam of the jacket.

    I am having a real struggle finding support from RW, as they have changed company structure recently.  If you know how to reach them please let me know.

    I like to support ‘local’ companies, but not at the expense of poor materials and craftsmanship, and especially shitty support options .





    I had a similar problem with their waders, seams all leaked, and got great customer support through the local retailer that I bought them through.



    Hello jgeres, write to [email protected].  The person I dealt with was Lydia Ngyuen from the Marketing Team in NZ.  There is no-one on the ground in Australia – an issue I mentioned to Lydia.  They list plenty of distributors in Oz, but none seem to carry much stock and none are service/repair agents.  The company is still the same, Evolve Outdoors, and still based in Porirua, Wellington.  I’ve visited the store there 4 years ago when I picked up a Z-series vest.  They did change the Riverworks brand name to Desolve, which frankly makes no sense to me.  I like the gear, but the support is poor.  I started with the Riverworks Z series waders and boots, which lasted 4 seasons before the boots started splitting.  I was convinced to replace them with Simms waders/boots, which only lasted 2 months past the 12 month warranty before the seams on the boots split and the wader seams started leaking. There’s no support or repair facilities in Oz for Simms either.  I wasn’t going to pay a fortune in post to send them back to the US.  I went back to Riverworks an bought the new Desolve Drift waders and boots.  These are the best waders I’ve owned – tough but comfortable.  However, since there wasn’t much stock in Oz, e.g.  Allgoods in Tasmania have the Desolve Drift Waders but not the boots, I got my wader/boot set from Steve at the Flyshop in Methven, NZ.  He had them to me in quick time and at a good price.  The Z-series vest is still going, but I also now have a Drift Strap Vest, and my X-series Wader Jacket is a brilliant rain jacket and showing no wear.  Great gear, but no service this side of The Ditch.



    Hey Graham,


    Thanx for the contact details for  Lydia, I will get in touch with her.






    Ditto. Get in touch with NZ. I had some waders & jacket that let me down once. Bought in Australia , then the local rep. stopped.

    Riverworks were great. Got my measurements & replaced with the replacement model.



    My previous experience a few years ago was hopeless. I hope they’ve improved, as their  gear appears well made.

    I was POff coz I ended up having to put a review on their website, which they deleted…


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