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    Hi all
    Im looking for information or tips on fly fishing for carp
    Ive had a couple of goes but haven’t had any success yet.
    Is it about getting the fly down to the fish or a special strip technique or fly?
    headed down to the Murray next week so will have a chance to try any new techniques or strategies
    thanks in advance.


    john l gower

    max last week I used a slow 6′ strip and then a pause they seemed to be down deeper so I was looking for bubbles this worked ok but I’ve also had them charge 3′ some days to take a fly. red and black woolly buggers are my goto fly at the moment. good luck



    Would you blind fish and search for them or spot them with polarisers and slow the fly down if they’re onto it?



    Sadly the middle of winter is not the best time to fly fish for them. We sight fish 99% of our fish, they have poor eyesight so need to get your fly close to them with out spooking them. Once i have spotted one, i will cast two feet in front, and a foot past, then do a slow draw till its under their nose. Their are lot of excellent videos now on you tube. The carp lodge series are great, as are some Australian videos. Once September comes around the fishing will pick up.
    Cheers Pete



    Took a bit of research and several attempts, but I’ve worked out the winter carp on fly tactics.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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