Events RIP Muzz Wilson.

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    Doctor Trout

    News filtering through FB that Muzz has passed away. Very sad news for those who knew him and for the broader fly fishing and tying community. Far too young.



    Very sad news indeed. Rest in peace Muzz.



    Our sporting community lost a fair dinkum innovator today, who wasn’t afraid to challenge the status quo and had a passion for passing on his knowledge. I feel regret I only made the effort/time to meet him in person a couple of times as I always walked away feeling like I had gained a wealth of knowledge. Whether you agreed or disagreed with him at times, there is no doubt we lost an advocate for posative change within our sport, behaviours and attitudes towards our environment/fisheries.
    Our thoughts go out to his family and friends.



    RIP Muzz Wilson.

    I clearly remember my first encounter a number of years ago with the legendary Muzz.
    A winters morning at Lake Bullen Merri saw me arrive a little later than usual to find a bloke tying a rope between 2 trees taking the utmost care to get the knots and height correct.
    Distracted tending to my boat and gear I caught a glimpse of this eccentric character proceed to balance on and walk the rope.

    Intrigued by this I approached Muzz and our conversation covered many aspects of fishing the crater lakes and other topics that seemed to take strange tangents. :whatever

    Muzz was only to willing to assist with his knowledge and skill. He will be a hard act to follow.


    John Coles

    A grey day, very sad news far too young.
    My thoughts are with his family.



    It is a very sad day, RIP Muzz Wilson…. too young.


    Trevor Martin

    A very BIG Hearted Western Whisperer just loved the FLY RIP Muzz 🙁



    Very sad.



    Very sad indeed, can still remember working with him on the “Confused Bugger” a fly he tied for me for a Millbrook fly swap and later getting a hard time from him after leaving him off (oversight) a post listing my favourite Australian Fly Tiers 😀

    RIP Muzz

    quote :

    Confused Bugger
    tied on a #12 hook it has a tail of olive marabou a black chenille body lightly fuzzled with red dubbing, a hackle of olive emu tied down with a medium red wire rib some legs dangle seductivly from just behind a small black tungston bead.


    Very sad news indeed.

    I was privileged to spend a little bit of time with Muz when I was living and working in and around Camperdown.

    I remember hearing his name in hushed tones – but did not know him. Then one day I got a message on this forum about some Spotters I was selling.
    Muz wanted to trade some flies for the glasses – I always maintain I got the better bargain as not only did I end up with some "Muz" flies – some I still have – but he also took me fishing many times at Purumbete, the Emu, the Hopkins, the Curdies and of course one on one lessons at his house – in his amazing fly tying room.

    Am sad to lose you from this world Muz – but am sure you will continue trailblazing for us wherever you are now.



    mitch aka 2 fish

    I don’t know if many of you remember the epic royal wulff variation swap but he tied royal wulffs without the hook. the ultimate ‘sportingness’ of flies.

    it gave me a great insight to the type of fella we were dealing with.

    a truly sad time in aussie fly fishing/tying.
    cheers, muzz.




    I’m not sure where to start or to finish re Muz so a ramble is in order which is pretty much how our conversations and friendship went – from a phone call somewhere in the mid 90’s about flies for the store I was after a fairly short introduction to discover some of the depth, warmth and passion that was Muz as well as his inquiring mind – a restless, progressive, rock turning magpie of a mind not unlike the fungus he loved to make images of and did so well – it popped up every where and unexpectedly . Muz had one excellent intuitive eye for form, balance and light which was obvious in the subtle balance and ‘rightness’ of his flies – I can pick a Muz tied BMS from all comers just because they just look so darn on the money. A couple of years back on a trip to Vic Muz picked me up from the airport and we headed up the hill to Bendigo in the inevitably congested car (a kind term for Muz’s junk filled crap cars) to view the Eastman photographic collection that was on in town. Muz was right in there and after a few laps around the gallery he zoned in on one of the greatest B&W images of all time (Westons no38 or whatever it’s called), he got the whole thing – the scaleless nature of the image, the three dimensional pop and glow of the subject – he just got it in one. It was great to watch, to see that mind at work. He just soaked it up. If a phone call from Muz actually contained something to do with flies it was unusual, there was so much else going on. This could go on for sometime so I won’t.

    In my professional opinion Muz was the best fly tier I’ve ever seen and Australia has some very very good tiers though non that I’ve seen with the same ability to adapt materials and techniques to his understanding of insects, fish estuaries and rivers. On the loss of a friend – how do you do that ? As some cleaver poet put it – life’s work on earth is learning how to say goodbye (or something to that effect).

    Condolences to Tim, Baz, George, family and Muz’s many other good friends.

    Chris Dunham.



    I will certainly cherish all the remaining Fuzzle Buggers, Fuzzle Shrimps, Messy Caddis, Scudrapods, Sticky Caddis and BMS variants (bream and trout) that Muz tied up for me to try over the years.
    Great company and a very generous man, he will long be remembered for his significant tying innovations.



    Very sad to hear this indeed.
    A quick call in to Muz’s abode in Camperdown on the way to the crater lakes was impossible as he’d always whip something up at the vice that he was working on and he’d always ask "did you see that?" and I would almost always reply "I was with you right up til you put the hook in the vice".So he’d have to do it again in slo mo just so I could see what he was on about.Then he would go off on many tangents in the conversation.
    I remember calling in one day and whingeing to Muz about all the short takes that I was getting at Purrumbete and he proceeded to tie up a fuzzle bugger on a very long shanked hook with the "bendy bit" hidden right at the tail end of the marabou.When I finally did get away to fish Purrumbete it took only about 10 minutes to have a nice brown in the net.I christened this fly the "Anti short take fuzzle bugger" and still use them now.
    There are many similiar stories about Muz and the one thing in common with all of them is his brilliance and willingness to share.
    The world is truly a better place for having Muz grace us with his brilliance even if it was for far too short a time.



    Very sad, my condolences to his family. I remember spending many Saturday mornings with Muzz at the Australian Fly Fisherman shop in North Carlton in the late 80s early 90s. I lost contact after that but always remember his unpretentious and engaging demeanour. RIP

    John Waters

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