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    While I’m sure there are some that will disagree I loved seeing the story on the Nariel. As always beautifully photographed and well written by David Anderson it was timely as I have been thinking about that very stream. It is now a priority to get down that way and look for that two pounder. I give a lot of credit to Al McBurnie for encouraging fisher folk to talk about various waters and access points especially in NSW and this story did his endevours justice even though it is based “over the boarder”.


    Al McB2

    Thanks for the kind words Dave, not my story though I just point the way . The Nariel has taken 6 years to start to look a bit better from Zulu it still needs a bit to recover. Would of been 2years if the old trout hatchery was still there sharing the water. Hint use cod flies near Colac Colac šŸ™‚ Also just for you a another secret spot in NSW that has Brookies throughout !!! bit closer to home but on the way to the Nariel … its tight but rewarding – best fished in the middle reaches above link rd ….




    Had a chance to fish the Nariel for the first time with Woody and his son Lachie. I caught three fish in the fast water on a short line with a NE Special . The fish were far too spooky in the long quiet pools.



    I caught my first trout in the hole featured at the start of the article nearly 60 years can imagine my feelings when I read the article and remembered the good times and fish caught on this magnificent stream which unfortunately don’t get back to.
    I remember my cousin catching 3 and 4lb fish in the early 60s,the creek almost drying up in the 64 drought ,catching a plane into Corryong from Sydney. It’s great to see the magnificent creek coming back. Thanks for the article in you great magazine.I wish I lived 700 ks closer.

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