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    Jeff’s Hopper #10 TMC 5212 hook.

    Due to some popular demand ( no not you Norman) from old clients and some new and having survived the COVID year and looking forward to a brighter future I have dusted off my  Baracuda Deluxe and started tying again.

    Have been busy with Saratoga flies of late.
    Fresh and Saltwater Fly Designs is still a registered company and you can access my sites on Facebook and Instagram under that name.

    To order, send me a message via FB or Instagram or email me on

    I have been running a few zoom meetings on tying flies if you are interested send me a text. I have been tying a lot of different flies.

    Hoppers lately.
    The Wee Augustus Hopper #10 TMC 5212 hook.11B6C447-DDE8-4442-9477-E980CB1B11A1




    Do you tie PW Stimmies?  DC ran out

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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