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    Do you have Fly-Fishing Books that you just have to re-read every couple of years.  As many of you know mine is “On the Spine of Time” by Harry Middleton.  I leave you with:

    “With a fly rod, I can look foolish, be foolish, and still leap joyfully as a child into the heart of a fast-moving mountain river, into the ranges that often seem as though they might reach beyond the dimmest stars (must have been out with Jnr & DC). The fly rod not only catches trout; it is a handy fulcrum allowing me to cast to those things that seem so far beyond my grasp.”



    Just ordered a copy Dave I am looking forward to reading it🙂


    One I enjoy re reading – Where the Bright Waters Meet by Harry Plunkett Greene



    I must have re-read each Gierach back 5 times. Agree re Middleton. If you like him you going to love Jim Harrison and Thomas McGuane as authors.







    That’s a superb line – will have to read the book again.

    Frog Call

    Some stories from Open Season by Witherow are definitely re-reads


    Chris Beech

    Phil Weigall’s works do a regular cycle here.



    David Scholes’ books


    Stephen Hill

    Another Middleton quote.

    A man consumed with trout rarely finds himself bound by the fixed notions of time. – Harry Middleton On the Spine of Time

    I concur about Scholes and Weigall as well.





    I love those quotes from On the Spine of Time. I’ll have to try and get hold of that book.



    From the classics Harry Plunkett Greene .

    From the modern James Prosek , most years I re-look at Trout  , and Trout of the World and Mallory Burton’s Reading the Water .

    From the homegrown Stewart’s Seven Rivers .


    Peter Gibson

    I’ve got about 400 books, so reading anything more than once is a bit of an indulgence. Thomas McGuane’s The Longest Silence is probably the only non-practical book I’ve ever read twice, it really is a stunning bit of writing. He’s a great fiction writer and screen writer and all his skills were brought to bear on that book. I am sure it will go down in fly fishing book history as one of the top three books ever written on this sport.

    Greg French’s Frog Call has the same qualities…a book so good that you would not have to be a trout fisher to appreciate it.

    On the practical side, my copies of Swisher and Richard’s Selective Trout and Borger’s Designing Trout Flies have been consulted so many times they are nearly falling apart.




    Agree with Peter,I’ve read this a dozen times and even bought it for mates.Thomas McGuane is one of the preeminent authors in the genre…

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